Discovery, Daring, Dominant Desires

Discovery Channel - The world is just awesomeYesterday was a long, exhausting, wonder-filled day! All day long in the midst of carrying boxes and furniture up the mountain – I felt like I was on an expedition of some sorts. It was not until 2pm, when I paused long enough to take Bodhi to the dog park, that I realized it was Columbus Day! I got so tickled – ever attuned to the world of metaphor and light – “of COURSE” – I reasoned to myself. Because I did, indeed, feel the energy of discovery, like I was discovering more about my Self and the reality around me, my relationships and diet, my body, my thoughts… even discovering more about my path of service to the Shining Ones, Gaia and the greater family of humanity.

All day long I was talking to you – the New Human tribe, imagining each of you out discovering something fantastical and unique to each individual. Discovery is at the heart of human nature, exploring new frontiers, unearthing new concepts, encountering new dimensions of Self… in fact, one of the hallmarks of discovery is authentication – verifying truth! And of course the greatest discovery of all is that of the true and authentic Self.

Expansion energies exude revelation, experimentation, invention, sensing, perceiving, discerning, ascertaining, identifying, feeling, hearing and distinguishing a thing as original; including oneSelf! Humankind has ventured into deep space and into nether-regions on this rare and beautiful Earth planet – yet few dare to discover the infinite new worlds that are right here – within us and all around us in vibrational variations accessible to all who are dedicated to the remembrance of  them.

We have grown way beyond ordinary life, this humanity, we just need to be willing to take the time to discover life beyond. Magical, magical energies lingering in between the ordinary spaces, waiting for YOU, New Human. May we all cherish and embrace these times and trust them as truer than any life we’ve known as a species, thus far!

With Love, DeAnne and the Shining Ones


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4 comments on “Discovery, Daring, Dominant Desires
  1. calmwaters says:

    It’s so wonderful how the Universe gives us guidance and mirrors back to us the metaphor of what’s happening within. Expedition, discovery — Columbus Day! Of course! Gratitude!

  2. Karen says:

    As in all ways beautiful DeAnne & the Shining Ones, your higher perspectives of creativity in Truth & Love forever inspire me to BE that intrepid explorer on the ocean currents of Magic & Miracles……truly grateful…..(((((((+)))))))

  3. DeAnne says:

    of COURSE!! For every mundane expression of reality there is an over Soul, a greater Light of Truth. And the COOLEST part of all – is that we ARE that over Soul and greater Light of Truth! And we are REMEMBERING.How fantastical is THAT??xoxoxo

  4. Rafael Ramos says:

    As you mentioned the whole perception is giving signals of new ways of relationships in every moment. sometimes is just silence other require interactions as we stay as the witness all is renew. it is excelent to share with people that also are in this counsciousness. Om Love

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