New Earth Tree House

Just a few very impromptu moments in our new home on a magical mountain morning! The cabin sits so high in the trees it feels like a little space ship here for a visit but ever ready for take off into some wild blue yonder or otherwise really enchanted space. I look forward to being with all of you this Saturday for a new transmission @ 11:11 am eastern – it has been a big few weeks in my life and in the greater movement of energy and Light. Love to all! ♥

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8 comments on “New Earth Tree House
  1. Dolphinsmile says:

    What a view! What a magical place!! It is so breath taking! The energy is so wonderful! My arms are tingling with energy as I watch this. So so beautiful!Thank you for sharing. Greg

  2. calmwaters says:

    It’s absolutely beautiful, DeAnne. What a blessing to be up in the trees like that! Certainly inspiring. Have the deer come by to say hello yet? Love to you, Sharon

  3. Karen says:

    Spectacular! This NEW space is most definitely YOU….My heartfelt blessings radiate abundance of love, joy, peace & prosperity in your mountain top home.
    Much love, Karen xxx <3

  4. Lace Chess says:

    You are certainly ascending…literally. Such a magical sanctuary for a Lady of so much Love and Light..thank you for sharing your grateful JOY!

  5. Nikki says:

    Real nice! Ahh that’s better! Enjoy!

  6. DeAnne says:

    Thanks everyone – it was meaningful to share with you! I am sure I will have more to share on the show – there is just such a level of peace here and so many metaphors supporting the greater movement and expansion of the ascension energies right now! I feel very grateful and blessed! xoxoxo

  7. Jean Canale says:

    A beautiful view from all angles! Thanks for sharing….and now we can visualize what you are seeing as you record your shows. 🙂


  8. DeAnne says:

    exactly Jean!! 😉

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