Seekers Of Joy, UNITE!

cascade heartGood Morning New Human Joy Beings!

I AM feeling the energies of the next New Human transmission this Saturday – with SUCH joy and anticipation and wonder! There is an incredible wave of energy coming in next week, another Cosmic trigger and at its heart, it is ALL about Unity! I will talk more ab0ut this next ascension gateway this weekend, along with tips and insights into how to continue to lift our lives and consciousness up into the heart of these magical supports.

In the meantime I wanted to share this fantastical moment with you in one of the many vortices I do tours around. Jim, Bodhi and I went to Cascading Falls, a vortex focusing on SPIRITUAL REUNION – and Jim captured this magical moment when the falls decided to turn into a heart for me to climb into! I love, love, love this captured moment and am just SO grateful for the many and endless ways this Divine Love expresses its heart to humanity. We are an incredibly loved and cherished planet of beings. I look forward to SEEING YOU Saturday! BRING YOUR FRIENDS – new Humans of the New Earth UNITE!!

With Love,

***Cascading Falls, Spiritual Re-union and JOY Vortex is an incredible hike east of Asheville. From pleasant strolls along the river on the lower tiers to fierce ascents on the upper falls, this experience is a compact vision quest you will not soon forget! The earth energy is strong, Gaia’s heart, her elements and the devic kingdom all converge in this vortex, even as they engage the angelics and awaken the inner child – creating a power you can truly embody! Many dolphin memories and dreams are accessed through this area.


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2 comments on “Seekers Of Joy, UNITE!
  1. calmwaters says:

    How beautiful. I am SO grateful that the Universe allowed Jim to capture it in that moment so you could share it. It is a JOYFUL heart! A kiss from Gaia!

  2. DeAnne says:

    and it should be noted that you could not see the heart when on top of it – I was just called to go climb in that rapid – IN my clothes. It wasn’t til after the fact that we saw the heart!! Perhaps a reward for my enthusiasm!! 😉

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