Still In The Silence



As I stand alone in Your great silence, God my Father, in the midst of me there blazes a pure light and it fills every atom of my whole being with its great radiance. Life, Love, Strength, Purity, Beauty, Perfection, stand forth in all dominion within me. As I gaze into the very heart of this light, I see another light—liquid, soft, golden-white and radiantly luminous—absorbing, mothering and giving forth the caressing fire of the Greater Light. Now I know that I am God and one with God’s whole universe. I whisper to God my Father and I am undisturbed.


Yet in this complete silence there exists God’s Greatest Activity. Again, I am undisturbed and complete silence is all about me. Now the radiance of this light spreads to God’s vast universe and everywhere I know there is God’s conscious life. Again, I say fearlessly, I am God; I am silent and unafraid. I lift the Christ high within me and sing God’s praise. In the tones of my music inspiration hums. Louder and louder within me the Great Mother sings of new life. Louder and clearer with each new day, inspiration is lifting my conscious thought until it is attuned to God’s rhythm. Again, I lift the Christ high and give close ear that I may hear the glad music. My keynote is harmony and the theme of my song is God and God seals my song as Truth.


I am free with the great light of Your Spirit, God my Father, Your seal is placed upon my forehead. I accept. I hold your light high, God my Father. Again, I accept.

Excerpt from Life and Teachings of The Masters of The Far East

I am a big fan, as I have shared on the show, of this series of books. They are comprised of beautiful, simple, yet powerful teachings. Recollections and instances of actual experience that the great masters walked through and embodied on the earth plane – teachings of remembrances that we too, have the same abilities and powers of the great and wise ascended Souls. I find joy and comfort in getting any one of the books of a 6 volume set out and reading, feeling and remembering these capabilities and powers. The above passage I especially love to read before drifting off to sleep or upon waking first thing in the morning. I share these passages with you, with love and the intention that more and more of this humanity awaken to their true identity and purpose on Earth, And so it shall be~~~

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2 comments on “Still In The Silence
  1. OMPadaDevi says:

    Powerful teachings indeed. Thank you for sharing 😉

  2. DeAnne says:

    they really have a strong vibration Cindy – the more you spend time with them the more powerfully you will feel their resonance and truth!♥

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