Flawed And Beautiful


Good Morning Tribe,

I recently had a conversation with a client in the Walk The Path Of Light initiative that I found to be universally relevant. It is so easy to feel or think ourselves isolated and somehow flawed or different in our desire to return to Oneness, to become whole, once again. But the greater wisdom we all embody is that there is only One of us here – and we are each working our way back up through the light-waves one memory of illusion and veil of separation at a time. In this Light – the themes of our awakening are pretty universal – we just encounter different veils and shadows at different times in ways unique to the personal development of each Soul.

As we enter into yet another week of accelerating Light frequencies and potential for expansion – it is not unusual to be encountering old themes involving shadow energy, fear, emotional pain and trauma. It cannot be underestimated that as an awakening being returning to consciousness – we have taken on a high degree of intention in clearing out anything less than the purest Light frequency, all false ideals and shadowed belief about who we are and why we have chosen to incarnate at such a prophetic time.

Another element of heightened activity is the dream time, possibly experiencing shadow or mental manipulations during sleep. Dream time is a potent opportunity for the higher realms to communicate and for astral travel – but, it is also just as real as the “real” world. Consequently, having fearful experiences in dream time is yet another outlet for release if we are ready to move beyond negative experiences.

So, EVERYTHING is coming up for release! Anywhere it can! And this is a good thing! When this Walk-pather shared of her recent feelings of being downhearted, not being able to get her vibration up and having troubling dreams – I felt this insight and illumination from the Shining Ones to be beneficial to all!

Sifting and sorting – the mind making space for new levels of clarity and freedom from the past. As the new waves come in – they continue to push old debris and shadow to the surface. To the conscious thinking mind, it feels like the same old same old – but that is never the case. Because we are new in each moment – ongoing opportunities to observe the moment clearly and choose anew – as a new being – as if you have never been “there” before. And you haven’t – except in the mind. I understand that the memory in the pain body is real – and this too must be faced and felt from a new level of awareness (consciousness). Do whatever you need to feel better, reach out, nurture yourself, redirect to another activity – even in the middle of the night –  pick up the shining ones book and pretend like they are gathered with you in your room – and read aloud.

What is happening is that the old memory and dna is connected to the OLD BRAIN – which is being lit up like the 4th of July – for the purpose of transferring information with NEW data, new consciousness and new energy to the new part of the brain. It is kinda magical if you think about it. There is a part of our brain where we have always been whole, beautiful, loved, abundant and free. The new brain activity is like a muscle that needs exercise and nurturing because the old part of the brain has been on steroids for quite some time!!

Honestly, if you are not feeling anything out of the ordinary – if the days around these acceleration gates are just like any other day for you – that is actually a sign that your mental and emotional barriers are currently dominating the shift to heart consciousness. This IS a time of feeling, and deeply. It is only the conscious thinking mind that interprets something as negative or bad. We are feeling, sensate beings. This time of Mastery, is an opportunity for you to repattern old programs of personal illusion and false belief stored in cellular memory. It is not for you to relive anything – that is the ego’s trip – but to observe and choose anew, drawing from the new frequency you are now embodying and emerging into.

Finally, as a 5th World initiative and invitational, one of the many objectives of DeAnne Live is to provide a safe and expansive platform within which to SHARE, BE VULNERABLE and TRANSPARENT, FIND COMMUNITY, ENGAGE IN COMMUNITY, OFFER WISDOM, GATHER WISDOM,  FIND STRENGTH IN THE FRAILTIES OF BEING HUMAN AND REMEMBER THE GREATER UNITY WE ALL SHARE.

Together, we are greater than the illusion of our separation – may we remember the greater connection and love we have in common as we grow into magnified expressions of One Light and One people, awakening to a New Earth existence!

With Love,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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5 comments on “Flawed And Beautiful
  1. OMPadaDevi says:

    At three this morning I was accused of sabotaging our marriage by extending an up coming trip. I said to him that is not how I feel, not what my intention is, but how you feel. My heart feels for his fear and his need to remain stuck, he’s trying to keep me ‘reeled in’. Another growing pain between us…..

    It is his fear that can be seen as sabotage, no? In a 3d world?

  2. Karen says:

    Yes, evolving brings with it many heart aches……my heart is with you my 5D Sister. May the power & presence of your golden heart space bring acceptance & forgiveness to these feelings of fear/abandonment……..
    Much Love K xxx

  3. DeAnne says:

    remembering some of the loving guidance brought through by the shining ones on the current new human transmission,
    “the new light reality is about ease… accepting the New Light is key. This new level of ease may be unsettling to the old constructs and those attempting to fit this expanded consciousness into small, old boxes.”

    Let’s break this down a bit;
    “the new light reality is about ease”-
    this is very simple guidance – it means that any scenario, situation, relationship etc that is not manifesting ease, moving and allowing with ease – is not on path with the highest and best for all. We must become aware of our attachment to old and ways in which we cling to the past – anytime we are expecting or trying to get old to fit into new spaces.

    And too – the new light will make those comfortable in old spaces very UNcomfortable. We must consider that every human is being pushed to expand beyond stationary spaces and grow as a spiritual being. Yet, the growth and spiritual decision making of another is not our responsibility. Our only responsibility is to keep moving into expanded spaces. We create more heartache and difficulty when we do not move forward for the ones not yet ready to move forward than does our movement into the new spaces. It is a bit like taking a band aid off an old and festering wound as slowly as possible – dragging out the potential for growth for all concerned.

    “Accepting the New Light is key.” To accept the Light is to have our lives change, profoundly so. It is to keep stepping out into the nothingness with no assurance of “what next”. This is what builds our trust and remembrance of who we are beyond the identity aspect. To accept the Light is to move on with our lives. And we cannot do this while managing and making allowances for the lives of others. When you play chess – you don’t move for yourself and then for others playing the game. Your moves are strategic and confident – keeping your “game” sharp demands that the other player(s) step up their level of commitment to the same game! Remember – as 5D consciousness – we have the rule book now. We must make moves that require others to consider their lives in a new Light – the new Light we are embodying and emanating. Otherwise – everyone stays stuck.

    As we are clear and confident about our relationship to this New Light – then we will make decisions that are for the highest and best interest of all. No second guessing – no looking back. Only forward into more Light – more freedom – more joy and more love. This is what will transform our world!

  4. Nikki says:

    You are awesome DeAnne! Just saying.. Xo

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