Being The Change


we are changing

Here we are on the other side of one of the most expansive flares and energy gateways thus far since the significant Collective Shift of 12/21/12. The frequencies “kneaded” our consciousness and energy in many and profound ways, but the overall thrust of this trigger was to Unify. You might have had or been aware of old thought processes or beliefs asking for closure over the past several days – perhaps you found yourself drawn out of your isolation to join in a new circle of community… or it could be that you have outgrown certain circles that use to be community and with the lift of this latest acceleration, you became clear it is time to move on and find new ones. Whatever the case, we are now positioned to know the Self better and thus, sense a new direction in the lives we want to live and who we are in them. There is, indeed, a new delineation of Self present, which naturally draws us into a very new and different relationship with the reality around us. It is time to amplify and accelerate everything about our lives, bringing more of our Light and spirituality than ever into the everydayness of it all. UNIFY UNIFY UNIFY – body, mind and spirit, past, present, future, the outer with the inner, as above so below, trusting in the greater family and community of our human connections here on the Earth plane as we gather in service and greater purpose for the Collective benefit of One planet, One people, One intention and One Love.

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