Shimmers And Aftershocks, The New Light Commences


Today, Tuesday the 28, there was a considerable ripple or “aftershock” from this previous gateway trigger October 23rd, 24th and 25th. As I have never felt this before that is just the best way to describe it to you. It happened roughly between 1 and 4pm Eastern and really emphasizes how powerful these gateways are becoming. You are familiar with the concept of “aftershock” with earth quakes – the crust around the displaced fault plane adjusts to the effects of the main shock. Only in this case – it was the entire planet adjusting to the significant light influx and expansion of this latest gate. I feel such joy and almost a hyper sense of breath in sharing this phenomenon- but won’t hesitate to additionally share that it was not so joyful ( ie INTENSE) running through the earth and human grid. It goes back to the analogy I used earlier in describing this gateway trigger – as if trying to fit something quite large into a very small space. These gateways, increasingly so, are designed to create permanent change – almost as if the thing/space/energy/consciousness that existed before, never was! That should leave a pretty good impression of how imperative it is to the new that is birthing, that we – individual and collective humanity, move confidently and with uncompromising devotion, in the direction of Unity; with our lifestyle choices, our relationships, the constructs we support, the beliefs we ascribe to and most importantly of all – the Unification of Self.

The image above depicts the light of a new sun with a golden cross in the center (much like the New Human symbol on the webcast page of DeAnne Live) … with the silhouette of a female and male on either side of the central ray. This emphasizes the importance of wholeness within the individual, that we cannot come together and co-create in a unified way until there is balance, cohesion, healing and divine marriage of the masculine and feminine within. The goal for the new human starseeds of the new earth, be they in male or female form, is to be equally compassionate and powerful, assertive and forgiving, both leading and willing to be led, forceful while considering the needs of others and with the consciousness of love as the qualifying consideration in all decision making. Notice, as well, the New Earth suspended just above the earth dimension we are accustomed to today – as if lifting from this Unified Wholeness  – one giving birth to another.

The overall impact of this accelerated timeline shift is a state of profound and heightened love, which we will discuss more fully on the next webcast – this Sunday, November 2nd @ 11:11 am eastern. There is truly no other, new humans – no greater love will we know than this incredible opportunity to return to Self and remember the Divinity from which we came. All for the purpose of harnessing the full authority and power of One holy/wholly divested of the amnesia of separation, of limitation, of struggle and sorrow and dis-ease. We are free now, the Shift to the next highest octave has occurred. Deepest love and gratitude to all who participated in this gateway on behalf of the highest good of all. “See you” Sunday, beloveds!

DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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5 comments on “Shimmers And Aftershocks, The New Light Commences
  1. Nikki says:

    wow awesome!

  2. bromberm says:

    Knew there was something up yesterday, as evidenced by both internal and external events. First, the volcano at Kilauea, Hawaii with lava flowing downward into residential property ( 2 craters are erupting and continue to do so)-and second at least 3 of my friends and family reported being the subject of or observing “angry disturbances” between themselves and their colleagues or friends yesterday. I told them that it must be a wave of intense energy resulting from the Lunar Eclipse earlier in the month coming at them once again.. And so thanks DeAnne– for once again validating my intuitive suspicions–that things were ” up” with the Universe’s energy fields encore en fois ( once again). As with the volcano–aftershock is a good word for all of this.

    • DeAnne says:

      Great sharing and connectivity Mel – I appreciate your connecting dots and joining in the revelatory nature of this AMAZING now!! In addition to the physical reverberations of this gate, emotions were really tapped as well for the purpose of opportunities to shift OUT of them and more fully into the heart, heart consciousness. Our future is very much who we are being now – what a gift that we have such an empowered say in that! xo

  3. Karen says:

    Infinite Love & Gratitude (((((((+))))))) I AM that I AM <3 ~~~

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