Not So Ordinary Human!


Good Morning Beloved Tribe Of Light,

I am sharing a great song from OneRepublic, from the soundtrack of The Giver.  If you haven’t seen the movie I highly recommend it … I have been listening to this song lately and even made it into a mix CD. I feel sure we can all relate to the sentiments – on the one hand within the limitations and framework of the 3D reality we are just ordinary humans, and YET, today, in this NOW – we are feeling anything but ordinary! The Shining Ones have had quite a bit to say about “frameworks” around our identity on the earth plane, I am sure that will come up in some way on the next New Human transmission, this Sunday! But for now – enjoy this song with some sentiments and harmonics we can all relate to as we shapeshift our way into truer expressions and truer lives and truer purpose in an expression of Existence very intent on evolving!!

Love to all~

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2 comments on “Not So Ordinary Human!
  1. Karen says:

    New for me…..wonderful song… & will definitely check out The Giver. Yes, key words for me lately are shapeshifting & evolving….yet, still a very ordinary human indeed!!!! xxx

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