It’s SHOW Day!

The New Light Commences~ Join in Unity today with the New Human Tribe of Light!

science1Jumping Timelines, Accelerating Ascension Movement and Developing a Very New Relationship with Self – these are among the themes for the next New Human Transmission – TODAY, November 2, @ 11:11 am Eastern! We’ve had many major timeline shifts as a collective throughout the Shift in consciousness – but what is really amazing to behold and experience is the result of our unified skills and intentions when focusing into and working with this New Light.

So, I have much to share, my personal experience of the Gateway trigger, as well as, the Collective shift and what we can expect as side-effects from this recent Shift. Amazing shifts in identity are afoot, an opportunity to come together in new ways for new purposes and a magnified increase in communications from other dimensions and beings – some of which we have no awareness of yet. But it is time! The days of Higher realm/lower realm separation are dissolving. Blessed are we to know and be reunited with such a felt and Holy Divine Love – a Sacred Reunion it is.

    DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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  1. bromberm says:

    On today’s webcast:
    Thanks for sharing your dream with us. It was so coincidental that you mentioned having had a similar dream about “extra rooms” in your new home, because and I remember this vividly,last year for about a week in a row I kept seeing “extra rooms” in my home via the upstairs closet to the attic room in my home. ( I have a lot of rooms in my home–so I was not in the same situation as you are with space). However, these rooms which clearly were a kitchen, and an extra bedroom were very reminiscent of a former girlfriend’s home where I grew up . I clearly remember seeing butter set out on the table–for that is where they kept it ( or margarine) and an older white electric stove. This is not my home, but I kept searching for these extra rooms in my house during my waking hours, knowing that they didn’t exist–but that I wanted to go to this ethereal space during the 3-D day. (I call this- the Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe) dreams–and it is perhaps pertinent that we are experiencing these now because as you mentioned they are probably in other dimensions of our experiences. The fact that I could identify these rooms in my girlfriend’s home of the past still has me stumped (cognitively) because I am not making the metaphorical connections between my home here where I now live ( 8-9 states apart) and those two “new rooms” which I thought of as an appendage to my current home. I only know that they were rooms in her home that I somehow kept seeing during that week of repeated dreams.

  2. Karen says:

    I keep singing……”Bring me a Higher Love”…….an oldie, but a goodie, & the words very applicable to my desires for unity & ascension. Yesterday, another deep RElease (from judgement to acceptance) & the Golden sunsets here are a testament to the New Divine Feminine Rays penetrating our mind/body/ spirit. The meditation was just the magic elixir to integrate a new sense of wholeness & forgiveness…Blessed BE. Thankyou DeAnne & the Shining Ones.
    Much Love (((((((+)))))))

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