Start Immediately!

1901779_846165885423079_112483923203282169_nI always love finding quotes from great minds of our history that still ring so relevant and true today! And there are lots of them. William James, an American philosopher and psychologist, is thought of as one of the leading thinkers of the late nineteenth century. With simple, clear antidotes for creating change such as the above quote – he definitely had the attitude of a “new human” – even in his time.

We’re cruising right along, those of us of swimming within and moving with the waves of the November energies. The Full Moon yesterday had an abundance of clearing energies, supporting amplified inner transformation to take us out of ourselves while connecting us to the larger web of life all around us. This November Full Moon was a vibrational compliment to the overall themes this month of making individual choices and changes that benefit the highest most beneficial good of all. More and more we are learning, aka remembering, that as we love ourselves and dare to create lives of loving kindness and joy, giving equal to what we take with the intention to make a return with our time here, that that love of Self ripples out to help others in remembering their own light and unique path, as well. The time is always NOW – to live your best life. Do it for the love of Self, do it for the love of many, do it for sake of Love.

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