Sea Horses and Elven Trees

Happy Saturday Everyone,

I just wanted to share a couple of moments out of the “day in the life” dairy… 🙂

Bodhi and I are exploring the mountain side behind the New Earth Tree House – a vast uncivilized terrain without trails but plenty of nature to discover, climb on, crawl through and behold in appreciation. We discovered this amazing tree – has a distinct Lord Of The Ring sensibility about it – like hobbits have climbed it or elves live in side. Equal parts MASSIVE, Majestic and Magical – I could not NOT share it with you.











Last evening I took a friend for her first visit to one of my FAVORITE places – Rosetta’s Buchi Bar for local kombucha – and they had a new aquarium with SEA HORSES!! Seriously! It took a while for one to come out of the lush grasses and give us some face time! We say at the table closet to the aquarium and DeAnne kept jumping up in an effort to capture this rarified little creature. You might not be able to tell in the photos but, mostly white, it had deep indigo/purple coloring as accents on its spine and around its eyes. Sea Horses as spirit totems teach about “going with the flow to discover hidden mysteries.” I thought that a very fitting alignment and “wink” from the Universe about the standing invitation IN THIS NOW!!

EnJOY your Saturday New Human’s – go discover something AMAZING!




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  1. cpc says:

    thanks for sharing DeAnne- would love to witness that tree someday… just finishing pumpkin pancakes… ;-).

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