Feeling The Love

Inspired By Life

I am really pumped up and excited about our next webcast – this Tuesday, 11/11 @ 11:11 am Eastern. This will be a very full and multifaceted show – everything and then some that you need to know about November and making the most of the current Light frequencies; tools and vibrational supports, transformational energies to stir ancient remembrances and inspire you on to greater and more lasting, empowered change. Change for the highest good and love of Self and the greater human family. You have a reserved seat New Human – a webcast you will not want to miss!!

More Love, Embracing Change, Shifting From Density To Light – The next LIVE webcast of The New Human – Tuesday 11/11 @ 11:11 am Eastern on DeAnne Live

One Love


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One comment on “Feeling The Love
  1. Karen says:

    May I be set free & inspired in this spacious 11:11 gateway of LOVE & LIGHT (((((((+)))))))

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