November Energies and YOU!

Today is the day!! Brand new LIVE webcast of the New Human Transmissions – this is gonna be a very full and information packed show – so come relaxed and READY TO ABSORB!!

More Love, Embracing Change, Shifting From Density To Light –
Today! Tuesday 11/11 @ 11:11 am Eastern on DeAnne Live

change-quote*** join us:

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3 comments on “November Energies and YOU!
  1. Karen says:

    Thank you… was a beautifully relaxing & inspiring webcast. The HU toning resonated my body into wonderful new frequencies of Self Acceptance & Alignment (I have just made the connection that my singing bowl, which I purchased in Rishikesh, India during my 11.11.11 Spirit Voyage sojourn) has the same 11:11 toning frequencies of Hues/Light. I will make good use of this discovery!! I am feeling more spacious & free to BE The New HU man Me………Blessed BE ((((((((+))))))) much Gratitude DeAnne & the Shining Ones xxx

  2. fitzcan says:

    Glad to see that I am in such good company as Socrates! I wonder about all these fights that human do from fighting with each other to “fighting disease.” I also love the saying from John Lennon….”there are no problems, only solutions.” I feel such relief at the thought of turning my focus from the barrage of problems in the world to focusing on what part of the solution I can BE. As always — thank you DeAnne! 🙂

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