New Expression, New Life, New Hu-man

1656158_866243780082779_865475601378226700_nThis is a time of doing what you’ve always dreamed of or allowing dominant desires to assume a new position in your routines and plans. There really is a whole new level of support for acts of Self care, Self love, Self expression and Self mastery settling in and taking root in November. I just love the attitude and sentiment of this meme and though whimsical in nature, there is a greater truth it is alluding to. We are so much more than the ordinary ways and means of expression in the 3D zone, more than the expectations assigned to sexes and ages and education levels… so much greater than the sum of all the experiences we have had and realities we have known.

There is a Light in you that cannot be contained. As Consciousness grows and energy expands on the Earth plane, individual awareness is attuning to the fact that it is exhausting to play the roles and keep the expectations in check, be they your own expectations or that of societal conditioning and engrained constructs.  Peace lies in the letting go of what was, to allow for what can be. There is nothing to think about – just move forward; into more personal freedom, more creative expression, greater acts of love and giving to the Self first, and then naturally so, more love for the new spaces unfolding around you.

Nurture your Self with WILD abandon, step back from your thoughts and take time to truly feel a newer and truer relationship to your life, color outside the lines of your known and give yourself permission to BE A NEW expression. The November energies see you clearly, beloved tribe of new hu-manity. Reciprocate that invitation by seeing your Self clearly and making the things that allow you to be the very best you – a priority this month.

In Oneness and Love,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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2 comments on “New Expression, New Life, New Hu-man
  1. Karen says:

    I trust, I allow & the magical mystery tour RE*routes my life into my spacious & loving Heart. Thus far it has been a wondrously illuminating month of NEW HUman Energies. For the first time this morning I saw within my third eye the angelic light beings….such beauty to behold…words are not adequate I feel. I am always thinking ….poetry in motion ….. The ebb & flow is just perfection is it not!
    A few days ago, 2 black swans kissed & formed a heart shape with their necks for me to witness & yesterday oracle cards drawn were Vishnu – trust, & animal medicine – Lynx, Gaia oracle – apprehension, Rune – ⬆️ Sky God, Teiwaz (the spiritual warrior with self & the virtue of patience)…….so, again I affirm I trust, I allow & I choose my Beloved Self to love unconditionally.
    May learn my life lessons of acceptance & patience NOW!!!!

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