In Love With Life!

553239_874251732615317_2445806464967848998_nI went to a revival today! 🙂 Actually it was just a really inspiring Align and Flow yoga class with Joe! From the music mix to the 50 very diverse and inspired people attending – it was one of those magical experiences that was absolutely complete in itself. Joe started the class by sharing that when he was young, he was made to go to church every Sunday by his parents – which he did until he was 16 years old. At that point he told his mom that he wasn’t going to that church any more because the whole ritual felt uninspired and without meaning.

Around this time he met a young man who could play the drums like nobody’s business – “I mean he could tear it up with those drums,” Joe remembered. When asked where he learned to play the drums like that, the young man replied, “in church!” To which Joe, enthusiastically curious, asked to go along to this church! And he did so for a period of time.

It turns out the church was African American and Joe suggested that if we had not had the opportunity to have this experience, everyone should. Because every service is like a revival. Everyone was wholly engaged, inspired and filled with Spirit  – they were not thinking about what everyone else was doing or in anyway self-conscious – they were fully, joyfully, with passion and intention engaged in the experience of the moment! By definition, a revival means restoration of life, an awakening of consciousness and inspired existence.

The whole point of sharing this experience from his childhood was the impression it left and how it taught him to make of his life, everyday, a revival. He then invited us into an hour and a half of connection with our bodies and thoughts, beliefs and breath as if we were experiencing a revival. To engage in the act of reviving. And be it in this wildly inspiring and empowering yoga class or out in the day to day details of our mundane world – the energy of revival, personal, spiritual, meditative, intuitive and whole-hearted revival, is very much present as an invitation into a more meaningful existence. With your Self, your familiars, your work, your body, your choices and thoughts and emotions and prayers. ALL INCLUSIVE. To make of your LIFE – something inspired and inspiring. For the good of all.

Surround your Self with people who make you hungry for life, touch your heart and nourish your Soul.

Surely this is the definition of revival on a very personal level. And its a choice we can make anew every single day. What new activity might you engage, what new devotion or habit could you cultivate, how can you build upon the energy and intention of revival in your current relationship with life? There is a level of life and consciousness that hungers to be restored in our world … through you, for you, by you. See of you can get in touch with this energy and embody its expression in your ongoing practice, of life! ♥♥♥

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  1. Karen says:

    VIVA RE`vival!

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