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10689774_877049642335526_1458674373303750087_nOk – so we are all anticipating yummy foods tomorrow and a day of tradition and family gathering… often at this time of year we are thinking of making room for indulgences by eating less and perhaps exercising a bit more before a day of food festivities.

And yet, along with thinking “lightly” around our physical aspect and perhaps cutting out certain pre-holiday extras… the greater spaciousness underway expands beyond form! Now is about developing a new relationship with your Self, with your self-talk and trigger points, things that get under your skin or cause you to lose your center and calm, making choices that reflect Self love and a new found appreciation for the Self you are currently rediscovering.

I will share a personal experience with you I am currently undergoing. Each day at the beginning of yoga class the instructors always ask us to get in touch with our intention  – why we have come, what we hope to get out of the class and achieve from the practice. And I have gone through this little curve of sorts, like an arc of my Self, in that, over the course of a week or so my intentions have morphed from the intention to know my Self, to the intention to truly love my Self… to finally, the intention to be free. And it occurred to me that all of these intentions are really one in the same – because once we truly know the Self, know and love ourselves unconditionally, we no longer cling to the story, fears and emotions of the past. As we make loving the Self and allowing what brings us joy and is nurturing to our being a priority in our lives, we become more aware of and grateful for the moment… truly living in the moment, and then we are free!

And so, as we head into the holiday weekend with all that it entails, spend some reflective time appreciating who you are, who you have been, what you have experienced and endured and overcome and risen above and embraced as your life. Take time to be grateful for you! To allow things that give you a sense of freedom and bring you into closer alignment with the you that is here to Light Up The World!

Gratitude and Love to All!

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  1. Karen says:

    My experience of RE`leasing the old & to NOW know & love my Self unconditionally & feel FREE from the burdens of past conditioning was gifted to me during my trip to Sydney, when finding an unopened box of old photo albums & saved memories of my life being a wife & mother during my 20’s, 30’s & 40’s. The pain & suffering of stored negative feelings were set free when I saw all the photos of myself, my ex & my children growing up ……I was able to look at this past with loving eyes of compassion & gratitude from my spacious heart…..FREE at last, FREE at last….I AM SHE who gives thanks for the TRUTH (((((((+)))))))
    May all in the USA enjoy the gifts of your Thanksgiving traditions & holydays xxx

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