happy-thanksgiving-2014-pictures-1It began with the intention of acknowledging the many blessings of an awakening being… and with a small slip of my finger on the keyboard I found myself contemplating the word blissings. BLISSINGS  – a life filled with bliss, ongoing moments of supreme happiness, utter happiness, experiences that bring us contentment and great joy. Perhaps blissings is an elevated vibration of blessings – a state of being that happens when we become the blessings in our lives and embody a state of gratitude in all we say and do and are.

As we open our minds and hearts to this day of celebrating blessings, we find ourselves poised on the crest of an energy wave that began acceleration late Tuesday and completed its amplification just as this Thanksgiving Day 2014 ushered in. What a gift! Perhaps you felt a greater sense of harmony and balance and a gentle sense of grace as more ascension veils lifted, for the highest good of all. Or perhaps you found yourself in a pocket of pronounced resistance  – but with more awareness as a witness and with the desire to move beyond that density. Either way, think of today as a leveling out of what has been processing and opening up the greater part of this month! You are encouraged to focus on this latest lightening and parting of the veils, tuning into the energies of revelation and ease for your personal awakening but also for the continued awakening and ease of the world at large.

We are ONE human family. You finding a sense of peace and joy about your life creates greater harmony and well-being for the greater organism of an evolving world. Turn your blessings into blissings today by making a list of the things you are grateful for as an awakening being. It is amazing how even the state of gratitude evolves in our lives when we awaken to the essential role we each play in the greater shift and transformation of our world.



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2 comments on “Blissings
  1. Charlie Carruthers says:

    DeAnne- hope you and Jim have a wonderful day- thank you for being you and all you contribute to our lives.

  2. Karen says:

    How did I ever stumble (((Across the Universe…. of/on course!)))upon you, DeAnne & The Shining Ones~~~~ ? ~~~
    From Here, Down Under! I AM in AWE & I delight in your RE`flections of BEAUTIFUL TRUTH……
    I give thanks for your guidance, your inspiration, your WISDOM, your LOVE, your LIGHT…………
    Infinite Love & Gratitude, from my heart to yours
    Karen/Radhe/Patchouli Princess/Trinity Grace/Lilac Lily……….
    Heavenly & Earthly Blissings to All xxx

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