12 petal lotusGood Morning Beloved Light Tribe,

The Asheville Yoga Studio was closed on Thanksgiving for all their regular classes, but they were offering a “get ready for turkey” 2 hour intensive class and in exchange asked for donations to our local food bank. I was psyched to go! I am new to yoga and had not yet done a 2 hour class, but I was game and drawn to the community of this place on Thanksgiving. With the support of feeding those who are hungry – it just felt like the best experience possible all around so I went with a grateful heart.

The class was both intense and profound. The instructor, Stephanie, is known for being a FORCE OF NATURE and people chuckled that she would kick our butt. But in addition to the intention to practice the mechanics of yoga – the energy and music and rhythm of this class seemed to open chambers of the Self that have been dormant for a long time. I felt a lot of release, yes, but I also felt as if I had a reunion with my Self, in deepening, peeling back one by one layers.

As we lay in Savasana, I felt complete peace and a deep gratitude. And then, into the stillness, Stephanie began playing a mandolin and singing the Gayatri Mantra in the most beautiful voice – it was as if Deva Premal was in the room. The moment was so surreal with the space we were already in that it was as if we were transported to another time and place. She sang the mantra a dozen or so times – and then had the class of 60 or more come to a sitting position. She then brought out a giant wipe board with the words to the Gayatri Mantra on it – and played to accompany the whole class as we chanted that mantra over and over and over. The energy was otherworldly and I felt tears come up as I moved them into the mantra and back down into my body, in gratitude.

After the class, I went to introduce myself to Stephanie and thank her for this profound experience, her incredible yoga instruction and her gifts. I only got a few words out – and just started bawling :-p – the tears just came and I couldn’t speak! I just felt SO MUCH GRATITUDE! She took me into a hug – and I told her I was “ok”  – that it was “just” gratitude… that I was just so grateful to be there, in the community, and to be giving this gift to my Self.

And that is the main purpose of sharing this moment with you… because that is the heart and SOUL of what is happening for us, humanity, at this time on Earth. ENERGY is seeking a new avenue of expression in the physical body – it wants to live differently in our human aspect. And that is going to be different for each of us. But as we allow it and tune in and follow the new and expansive ways the energy is communicating with us – the heart is going to crack open and new light discovered that will gently but deliberately begin to alter our path and lives. It IS happening. Many of us our saying YES and MOVING into experiences that allow us to carry 5D/6D vibration in our energy fields on a more steady basis, for the purpose of drawing the collective experience UP into an accelerated Ascension experience.

I felt this yesterday and trust the many of you had equally profound experiences. Because this is who we are. This is the time we are in. Nothing ordinary, no moments of boredom and less and less of the mundane. It is all profound and it is ALL love.

The next New Human Transmission will be this Saturday, December 6th @ 11:11 am eastern. I feel a theme around Laying A New Foundation coming into focus for this show – along with a LOT of energy in support of this newest phases of expansion and BEING!! We will definitely talk about the ongoing shift in TIME and bring in a restorative meditation to invite the physical body and its senses into these new spaces of LOVE and deeper existence!

EVERYTHING IS CHANGING! I celebrate this everyday with a very grateful heart.

SO MUCH LOVE and GRATITUDE I extend to ALL of you – the New Human Family of Light!!
Namaste’ DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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  1. suzie says:

    Thank you for sharing such an intimate experience DeAnne. Chanting can be so profound and moving. Blessings!

  2. MARIANNE says:

    I also so appreciate your sharing this multi layered yoga experience,,,,it reawakens that energy in me, and particularly inspires me to listen more deeply to how energy is just so excited to express itself in me! Listening to Tom Kenyon’s Elevatron and then Lisa Gerrard’s Elegy over and over again this morning in meditation, the energy prompted me to once again begin a gratitude practice which I did about 7 years ago: write down 10 things each day I am grateful for – and not repeat myself. My question: why stop at 10!!!! it just never runs out!!!! The energy has shifted from release to allowing to excitement, joy, GRATITUDE/THANKSGIVING……Deanne, you were on my list this morning 🙂

    • DeAnne says:

      Beautiful sharing Marianne – THANK YOU! As I posted on Thanksgiving – it is inspiring as well to take the gratitude up a notch (or deeper into the profound?) by noting Gratitudes through the eyes of an evolving being. I mean, how grateful are we to be able to step back from all the details of form and feel how blessed we are to be remembering, thankful to be moving into such freedom and to know such an expanded “family” of support as we grow into our magnificence. Everything becomes quantum, including the spaces in the heart, when we acknowledge and allow our true nature and being!

  3. DeAnne says:

    Agreed Suzie – I chant mantras often with Deva Premal, I’ve even had the opportunity to do the Gayatri Mantra live with Deva…

    But this experience was a combination of many things, the power of yoga and breath not the least of them. Also the community of the place and the essence of this NOW – which is all about giving to ourselves the fullness of what is here now and in so doing, experiencing Existence at deeply profound levels!♥

  4. Karen says:

    I agree, life now is definitely not boring & way out of the ordinary experiences of life are the NEW Normal……hallelujah! What a beautifully profound experience for you DeAnne……amazing Grace, hey! Xxx

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