Heart Frequency – December Gains Momentum

heart frequencyIt really is all about Love~ seeing it, being it, embracing it, giving it, allowing it, cultivating it, nurturing it and opening the human heart to the vastness of Divine Life. There are 2 important passages in December, the first beginning today, December 4th – 11th. The timeline shift of last October is quickening in its work and the planetary merge we have talked about on the New Human transmissions over the past several months is stepping up. We are, indeed, preparing for intense upgrades and very new energetics in 2015 – with the human heart grid front and center.

One of the magical awareness focus I am cultivating in Yoga, is the ability to maintain a soft and peaceful, calm and still center… even as the body works hard on poses and the breath commands a new level of strength. And so it is with this merge occurring, linking the grounded Grid (old light frequencies) with the Golden Crystalline Diamond Light of the New HUman/New Earth/New Light frequencies. Even as so much deception and chaos topples within the old foundation, we must be the joyful disseminators of the new building within. And not with words alone, but with fearsome expressions of new life and new beingness.

The HUman heart is key as it lifts into Unity Consciousness and we prioritize our lives and words and relationships and dreams around gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, joy and love. Everything, all life everywhere is being lifted into a new alignment and it is for each of us to embrace a new possibility for our individual and collective experience, trusting, trusting, trusting in unimaginable life where we are supported in very new, creative, sustainable measures that bring great joy and allow the new HUman to shine.

The second passage will be December 25 – 29, an opportunity to deepen our understanding and practice of holy-days.  You are encouraged to visualize this merging of old and new grid, seeing golden lighted fields and spirals of light showering upon the density. The typical activity of the holidays where the many gather to pray and celebrate, worship and raise their vibration with tithing and gift giving will do much to create a magnetic around the greater work of the Light and intentions to live with one another in Unity, once again.

Again, the momentum of the New Earth is in high gear. This is not a time for words and promises to the old light but of ACTION for the sake of the New Light. We must do what we can to experience and grow the vibration of Divine Love, Pure Essence and Inner Harmony. WE are the ones creating these Shifts, WE are the Ones who initiated the accelerated time-line and it is the growing momentum of thousands in service, demonstrating New Light Dynamics, that is serving to disintegrate the remaining density and duality of the lower vibrating reality.

Expect the unexpected. Surprise yourself and BE the unexpected, New Humans. Steer clear of any and all things negative and dense, be they conspiracies, media, old programs already in process or separation with loved ones. FOCUS ON THE NEW to build and assist with the momentum of the New Light and be dedicated in implementing all that is being shown and given in your own lifestream.

I will expound upon all of this and MUCH more in the next New Human transmission this Saturday! More than words and inspired dialogue, anecdotes from the Shining Ones and 5D infused meditations, the primary goal and heart of these transmissions is to feed you energetically! Sharing new consciousness and new energy via light-codes, sound, harmonics and New Earth Love. Your presence is welcomed with gratitude and JOY! The New Human, Saturday December 6th @ 11:11am Eastern.

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  1. Karen says:

    May I flow in the Heart Song of my Divine Self……Blessed BE <3

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