Divine Life Is Here

image(1)Gratitude to all who came and added their intention and light to the New Human webcast yesterday. It was a powerful, information packed and energy infused 100 minutes wherein we were able to experience a lot of this joy the Shining Ones speak of and feel the New Consciousness that is here now – right now, in the spaciousness of these new Light frequencies. As always, I encourage you to listen many times – isolate the meditation out connecting to the Holy Mother, Divine Feminine… and lend your heart to the “holiday recipe” of tools we engaged to assist with anchoring the powerful uptick of energies and Solar, Cosmic Christ in anticipation of 2015! This is a stunning, vast and blessed time to be human beings remembering Divine Light.

Standing, sitting, walking or lying down, let my mind be fixed on this one recollection – DIVINE LIFE IS HERE.

Right here, right now. Reach into the Light and Mystery and trust your greater role in the unfoldment of a New Earth experience.

Love and Deep Gratitude,

***It’s never too late! 🙂 You can listen to this webcast from December 6th and all the New Human transmissions anytime in the archives! Give your Self the gift of a membership this season and be supported through the gateways of the Ascension Energies!


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