Weirdly Wonderful

10330318_874253249281832_4073810576390950993_nIt is a paradox as wondrous as it is profound. That as we truly accept who we are are, love who we are, embrace who we are and live the fullness of that essence, the light and the dark, that which fears and that which only knows love… in understanding our humanity, we are then able to see ourselves in the whole of humanity. And we are free.

In yoga, we spend a good deal of time “working” with our core. Strengthening, building, connecting in new and more intimate ways… it is not work for the faint of heart, it requires perseverance, determination and desire in equal parts. What is in there? How might the outer reality change when there is strength at the core of one’s being? How does the core of one’s being differ from the identity aspect, the known sense of self? Is there a correlation between the support a strong core lends to the physical body and the ability to receive support in our lives and endeavors?

At the center of a strong core, is the energy of Divine Neutrality. This strength allows us to be a witness to every detail of the manifested reality not with judgement or fear, disdain or hopelessness, but with spiritual perspective and loving kindness. Divine Neutrality recognizes there can be no other, only many facets of One Divine Self, seeking reunion with itself.

How “ok” can you be with who you are, who you have become? How “ok” can you be with every facet and creation of our world? Are the two, in fact, different? Take time today listening not to your thoughts and self talk, but to your heart and the core of your being. Notice how differently the reality outside of you begins to appear when you approach it and accept and allow from the inside of your being, from the strength and depth of your core. Greater still, consider that your core and the core of the Universe, are One!

Waking up begins with becoming a witness to the world around you – not in the details of what you perceive, but in the essence of what you know – about life, about love and the true nature of Existence.

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3 comments on “Weirdly Wonderful
  1. Karen says:

    I AM hoping to achieve core expression of balance & harmony & I will stay mindful in the now of creativity, compassion & calm……I surrender to all that I AM ((((((+)))))))

  2. Arne says:

    DeAnne , I wish you are well grounded in these windy weeks , may your mother be close to you, and you will appreciate the times of change . Your friend Arne

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