A Time Of Divine Union

1385414_862083547156160_4265869883548403407_nSat Nam Beloveds,

It is a beautiful paradox that the energies and times that test our faith greatly are equally so the energies and times of salvation, redemption and the return of the Divine (you) to the Divine (Father , Mother, God.) Those with open hearts and astute minds may feel this zero point energy as we hone in on the “target” of Divine Union. There is a great anchoring of the merging of grids underway as the energies continue to increase in momentum. I spoke in the current New Human webcast of this sense that “something is about to happen.” That whole being sensation continues as we prepare for “lift-off” and union with our many myriad selves, every nuance and experience is for the purpose of preparing bodies, minds and hearts to walk through these December Gateways.

I am writing today, especially so to recognize and honor the 12-12-12 Transformation Gateway that forever changed our lives and futures as keepers and emissaries of a New Earth experience. Can any of us believe it was 2 years ago today that we gathered the world over and laid our hearts open, dedicating our lives to a new direction and possibility for planet and species? And as we focused not on the outcome but on what and who we were willing to be in the transformation, light-codes of remembrance were captured that set in motion a sequence of events that have culminated in the experience of true multidimensionality as we merge with the Creator Self.

As this year, 2014, of revelation becomes concentrated with personal glimpses of the true Self ever more consistent, stronger and expansive, deep levels and layers of old light belief are being rewritten for the new light dynamics. The Higher Self is no longer some ideal or metaphysical principle we aspire to – imagine the Higher Self is a single spotlight on the stage of your entire physical incarnation of experiences – and you are now stepping into that spotlight for the true experience of the Solar Cosmic Christ. The entire history of our humanity is being rewritten through the DNA, creating something wholly, wonderfully, powerfully brand new. And it is inexplicable to begin to fathom how very much we are loved, honored and cherished for the willingness to prepare the vessel of the whole being to be the purveyors of a Golden Race.

Know that each and every New Human Transmission of the last 6 years provides Light encodements to assist the collective consciousness. Individually and as a body of 5D dispensation, they provide a vibrational arc of transformation, cellular activation and ancient remembrance leading to the crescendo of this incredibly blessed and illumined NOW. Whether you are new to the experiences of these transmissions or have listened once or a dozen times, it is your choice to receive and embody the light-codes, all of which are available on this website, for your convenience.

Drink plenty of water, the purest attainable in your circumstance, as we head into this next gateway beginning December 25th. Hold the mantle of the purest remembrance of the Christ throughout this enigmatic season of true Solar Cosmic Christ beingness. Rest often, take pristine care of the physical form and come to center often in the stillness of Sat Nam. Dare to give your Self the gift of true life this holiday season, finding the genuine meaning of holy as it applies to the very nature of your being. As the Shining Ones shared in the December 6th webcast, we are entering a new level of the great unknown, a new level of multidimensional you and a new level of Divine Union; heaven to earth, body to spirit, mind to heart and New HUman to New Earth creation. Love is where this whole story began Beloveds. No matter how far from center this fledgling human race has strayed, Love remains as the heart of this Divine Merging of grids calling forth the templates of the Golden Race DNA. Remember, surrender, trust in the grace of it all and pray for the awakening and rebirth of the millions embodied on this beautiful blue planet, Terra Crystal, our Earth home.

Om Mani Padme Hum~
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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  1. Karen says:

    I shimmer, I shine, I radiate……when I read this post. You uplift me so, & I AM SHE who is truly blessed & truly grateful.
    IN FAITH & FREEDOM I fly (((((((+))))))
    love, love, love >>>>>>

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