Life Is A Gift

meme-life-is-a-gift-let-it-flowGood Morning New HUman Light Seeds,

Yogi Bhajan is a spiritual leader who introduced Kundalini yoga to the United States. I have been learning a lot about him, his heart and philosophy on life, the body temple and the breath – from the kundalini teachers at Asheville Yoga Center. I found this beautifully simple reminder above to share with you this weekend morning! And then an additional reminder this holiday season that it is you, who is the treasure of that gift – life. So, here is a 5th World “to do” list to help you remain balanced and a Light unto the world as we count the days down to Christmas and the next energy wave on the 25th!

As was shared on the 12/6 NH transmission – this coming gateway will open “spirals of light”, like DNA helixes between the higher realms and Earth, creating an amplified opportunity to connect with higher realms beings, sacred sites, portals and stargates and the Master I AM. Breathe deeply into the intention and higher potentials of the Golden Race DNA templates now forming on our behalf, on behalf of this beautiful Earth ship. Unity is the sacred door, Oneness is entry. BE THE LIGHT New HUmans – live the Light of a New Earth.

Holiday JOY and Beingness,




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5 comments on “Life Is A Gift
  1. Morel D'Amour says:

    Thanks DeAnne awesome – love it – sharing –

  2. bromberm says:

    This list needs to be shared with the entire world.

  3. joyfuljudy says:

    Now that is my kind of C’mas list. I discontinued “traditional” C’mas a few years ago. It was all too stressful and materialistic. But I love to listen to C’mas music and play it on piano at this time of the year.

  4. Karen says:

    May I BE the Light of LOVE (((((((+)))))))

  5. Tasha says:

    Very Cool you discovered Yogi Bhajan’s work. My partner and I have a morning practice we have been doing “Sa Ta Na Ma” mantra. Athen resonates with kundalini practices, I enjoy them too, though, I enjoy Hindu mantras and Buddhist mantra practices too. I use to go to Kirtan weekly and it felt so invigorating and soulful and I could feel Divine energy pouring through. Yogi Bhajan speaks of the self-sensory human and the Aquarian age in these times, I just discovered that information a few months ago when I was researching kundalini practices that my partner and I could do. It sounds a lot like the new human and ascension process and I found it fascinating. Athen and I are planning a trip to Asheville sometime shortly after Christmas or the New Year’s Day. Lots of love to you all! joyous holidays! I am looking forward to the portal this month too. 🙂 hugs

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