Winter Solstice, The Rise Of Feminine Love

10641070_10152414651363861_2446491106903581609_nWe welcome the Winter Solstice with full hearts and in the Spirit of Community. Today is both the shortest day of the year and also one that casts the biggest shadows. I was out with a couple of 7 year olds yesterday who found it fascinating that their shadows were twice as big as their bodies. Simple joys and moments of effortless wonder when children interact with the elements of the natural world.

The greater phenomenon happening this day is a profound infusion of Goddess Light, Divine Feminine Love, forgiveness, compassion and a sacred reunion of Souls who have intended deeper and evolved relationships toward the transformation and revolutionary re-set of the energy on Earth at this time. So, let’s break this down, remembering that all experience on the Earth plane has a higher realms reflection. While the children play with their pronounced shadow today, equally so, Souls around the world have the opportunity to bring this magnificent Light into any aspect of being, relationship, belief, perception, behavior, thought and endeavor that stands between the human aspect and its multidimensional brilliance. If ever you carried the intention to SEE YOUR SELF CLEARLY, today radiates with the energy of Change, allowing all who are truly ready to step more fully into their true identities and begin carrying out the greater missions of their incarnations as New HUmans preparing the complete transformation of a New Earth Grid.

Close your eyes often today and imagine your hands entwined with the tribe of your essence, gathered in harmony around the Earth. In the center of that unity is a fiercely independent and fiery Goddess Light with immense strength and influence for change. Be not concerned with those who are not yet ready to give it all to her, for she judges not and extends the invitation to each, equally so. This is about you and your Soul, remembering the sacred contract of your Soul. Bring the Light into your heart, hands to heart and bowed in reverence at what we are now ready to receive, what we are now destined to receive.

And so it is, Holy is the Earth, Holy are we ALL, as One.
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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2 comments on “Winter Solstice, The Rise Of Feminine Love
  1. Karen says:

    Pachamama, I’m coming home……to the place where I belong……

  2. fitzcan says:

    I absolutely love this message and the image posted with it. I just stared at it for a long time feeling the comfort of its energy while my eyes filled with tears…. Sigh…..

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