What Future?

image 2This moment feels so immense – there is this sensation of standing in the midst of brilliant shooting stars and wondering which one to focus on, not wanting to miss a moment of any one of them. I feel the Universe seeping into my pores and filling my heart with a future unimaginable but oh so real and near. As I spend the next couple of days gathering these stars into a composite of energy and light to share with you on Thursday’s New Year’s Day showyour assignment is to imagine, not lightly or as a sidebar but deeply, fully, intuitively and with a profound sense of power – imagine the scope and breadth and depth of the New HUman. As a species, we must find a new image of ourselves proportionate to a new relationship with our power. Use the photo above, along with the light-codes from the Shining Ones, and follow the spiral of the web inward and deeper still, into the center of your vast Self. And imagine there, the image of the New HUman now emerging. That dream is inside of you, for the waking.

I invite you to come and take this walk with me on our next transmission – the theme of which is:

Coming Into Our Own – The Christification Of Earth and HUmanity

The New Human – New Year’s Day – 1/1/15 – 11:11am

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