Becoming A New HUman

imageNotice the co-creative element in this remembrance – there is not something happening to us, but by our focus, inner work, conscious intention and consistent use of repatterning tools (new human templates) we are cooperating with an intelligence we are simultaneously awakening and activating.

Really notice where the point of focus is in your physical aspect these beginning days and weeks of this brand new year. The “axis mundi” of our inner being and world is profoundly shifting to a new state of balance, strength, clarity and power. These days of a newly emerging humanity are only ordinary if you are settling into grooves rather than defying them with your Light and access to greater wisdom. Pay attention, listen to the body as it guides you to new activities, circles, relationships and decisions on behalf of liberation and a new command of the reality around you. The mind is no longer leading consciousness – ENERGY is. And this energy is both all around you and within you simultaneously!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW for the next New HUman webcast where we will gather with the intention of understanding and anchoring this new Light dispensation in such a way as to allow for profound changes in our relationship to Self, one another, the way we work and serve and flow prosperity into our lives and the way we LOVE. As our lives come to reflect our devotion to this love, everything changes and there is peace, without and within.

The New Human – New Live webcast, Saturday, January 17, 11:11 am eastern @

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2 comments on “Becoming A New HUman
  1. OMPadaDevi says:

    Wow, another webcast so soon…..excellent. Everything you described in second paragraph…this is what I feel is happening to me. My heart has taken more of a lead and the head isn’t combatting like it use to. There’s is such joy and I’m beginning to feel the strength within. Big hugs for you xoxoxoxo

  2. Karen says:

    Yes, we are RE~membering & yes I AM a Co-creator……”it’s a beautiful world”……..& I devote my life to HER (me//us)……..Blessed BE ((((((((+))))))))

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