Islands Of Light

image 2Contemplate this wisdom from the New Consciousness. It is so incredibly easy to get stuck in the loop of our 3D challenges, the endless barrage of obstacles, deterrents to dreams and the innate desire to be of service. And yet, as constant as your breath that operates of its own wisdom, your Light sees beyond the details of density and reflections of separation in the day to day… and remembers.

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2 comments on “Islands Of Light
  1. OMPadaDevi says:

    This post and meme fit like a glove, and a great remembrance that the 3D world is still here and it’s still easy to get caught back up in it. Today I find myself in that loop, and your posts are so perfectly timed, a reminder that I have a choice. Like you’re reading my mind….lol

    • DeAnne says:

      I AM reading your mind Cindy 🙂 all kidding aside tho, we ARE one mind and our paths and experience are universal. This exchange is a great reminder that we are ultimately here for one another!♥ It is an honor always to share the wisdom and remembrances of our expanded roles and identities as New HUmans~ xo

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