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The Whole Self Emerges, Mastering The Energies of 2015

In this webcast – lots of energy attunements to assist in anchoring a new center for this incredibly pivotal year of mastery. Additionally, we will look at the new levels of pineal activity, the increase in multidimensional awareness and how to bring more mastery to our multidimensionality… with some insight into the furthering of a collapsing societal infrastructure. All this, plus the story, metaphor, sound, light and meditations you love that are the unique signature of the New HUman and Shining Ones collaborations~

There is a new storyline emerging for this humanity, our conscious evolution as a species. If we choose this story and choose to consciously evolve into the “new human,” we can create something stunningly beautiful: a planet that is thriving, with people who are LIVING as radiant examples of love, creativity and grace. I feel this so very deeply and true in this NOW. The Shining Ones assure everything will be radically different this year but we must get out ahead of what is coming undone; you must get out ahead of what is inevitably dismantling!

Do plan to join us, gather within the intention and tribe of new humans… together

Let’s become a new beginning!

The New Human, Saturday January 17th, 11:11am Eastern –

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