Gaia Love

20150111_130515_2Today was a radiant display of rays that took me to yoga which included live music with kali das and amah devi, hiking to beautiful nature vistas, moments of enjoying the fresh juice of a rainbow of veggies, surprise visits from people whom I love a lot, dog park frivolities and humming along with Sean Johnson and the wild lotus band! With all these radiant rays of beautiful light filled energy spiraling in my day – I can only imagine that the center of that radiance was a transpersonal, unconditional and evolutionary love that is ever inviting the children of this magical earth existence into the joy of being and a heart of gratitude. All the rest is just details – details of my becoming – compared to this invitational so exquisitely and unceasingly extended! ♥Sharing a moment from this day with all of you – my new human tribe!! ♥ — at shining ones forest.

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  1. Karen says:

    I feel your happiness & gratitude for life DeAnne…….Oneness xxx

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