These Are The Moments

560652_383506001720021_465421670_nGood Morning Bright Lights Of A New Humanity,

Sharing a simple moment with you that reflects a higher magic anchoring within our lives and the hearts of an awakening humanity. I purposefully found a version of this duet by Sara Evans and Maroon 5’s Adam Levine where they are talking together before the song… I appreciate the sincerity of Adam, as a male learning to be in the new energies, sharing that he is working while it gives him joy but that his greater intention is family and being present for his family in a way that his current work ethic would not allow him to do. He is doing what he loves – using his gifts, yet not attached to it and open to what the future may bring. All centered in the desire for and respect for Love.

In these times of merge and integration, there is an ever present opportunity to realize the light within us and thus, heaven in our lives. Heaven is not a place so much as a state of being, one in which peace, creativity, shared creation and service become the center of our newly actualized lives. May the prayer of the few be that the many discover a dimension of themselves and existence where they have everything they’ve ever wanted – where they couldn’t imagine or ask for more. ♥♥♥


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