Big Dreams, Anchoring A New Self In 2015

10406431_510352882441335_1567487128384972503_nWhat big dream lies dormant within you new human, what inner voice of creation and love yearns to be expressed as new life, new possibility and a new communion with the light and humanity around you? For so long we have tacitly agreed to a reality and circumstance very much dictated from the outside in… and yet enough of us have remembered and gathered ourselves up with an inner strength and light to now begin living and creating from the inside out. From the wisdom and desire and radiance of heart consciousness.

More and more we are remembering that a collective of sensitive, energetic beings have come to this planet as a foreshadowing to the world – to let the world know that a new consciousness is coming. Not by telling – but by being it. 2015 is what we have all been waiting for – when the energies really begin to accelerate on behalf of what is both awakening and the courage to be it and share it.

Be sure and mark your calendars for these illuminating and inspired dates: February 3rd when I will be a guest on YouAwakening with Jacklyn Johnston and February 8th for the next live transmission of the New Human Consciousness and Energy. Both of these broadcasts will focus on the year of 2015 energetically as well as the shift from Carbon Based to Crystalline DNA that is at the heart of our transition to 5th World. This is a pivotal year in our expansion as a species, individually and collectively. 2015 is an initiation year from a focus and purpose of clearing and preparing ourselves to receive the light, to being anchors of the light and thus, true reflections of the Divine.

Come and join me, bring your light and share in the space and intention of this new consciousness. And stay tuned here on the New Day blog for updates, links, vibrational attunements and ongoing light on the path as we step up in our commitment to Self, the Divine and the important service we have each come to embody on behalf of an evolving world.

Love to all, Love IS all,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

February 3rd, 8pm Eastern DeAnne shines light on the emergence of the New Human and the role of DNA.
February 8th, 11:11am Eastern New Human Transmission  – Becoming Anchors for the Divine

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  1. Karen says:

    Looking forward to both broadcasts beaming me home!

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