Crystalline Being

image(4)We are very much pioneers in this wave of ascension where we’re remembering things and abilities no one talks about and we’re here to embody the highest vibrational  level possible while maintaining  a physical body – coming into alignment with our Higher Self – bringing it forward into a world so that the world can begin to recognize and taste and savor the very essence of its own eternal light!

Join me this coming Tuesday, February 3rd on YouAwakening and on Saturday January 8th’s New Human Transmission for insight into this pivotal year of 2015 and the shift from carbon based to crystalline DNA.

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2 comments on “Crystalline Being
  1. kathleen says:

    I will be there on both occasions DeAnne. This journey we are on keeps getting more magical in each moment. The expansion and love are continuous. Its like living within the Flower of Life. The dance is so synchronistic and mind-blowing. Joy and laughter fill the air. You will often find me with a grin on my face simply for the recognition and divine beauty all around.

  2. Karen says:

    Yes we are & I AM!

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