God Is~

image(1)-1 copyIn enlightenment, nothing but God exists and it doesn’t require anyone to act any differently and there is no justification. God is – and the reflection of God we see around us has a lot to do with the consciousness we reside in and our ability to be in the heart. It is not easy, but neither is it impossible. The reflections of remaining shadow in our world are an invitation for us to love more, to align our choices, relationships, actions and words with the Light of Divinity we all share so that more and more of the human family may remember and embrace that remembrance for good.

There seems to be a theme building within the New Day blog this week… be sure and tune in this Sunday for some illumination on just how important it is that we shift our relationship to spirituality and ourselves as we move forward in these times. Seeing God in everything is seeing ourselves in everything and once that Light is turned on, we begin a very new relationship to our power as a human species and our ability to create real and lasting change.

The New Human – A New Consciousness Paradigm
New Transmission this Sunday, 2/8 11:11am Eastern

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  1. kathleen says:

    I always say It’s Simple not easy.

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