Prioritize, Align, Be Grateful

onsWe are sufficiently and with tremendous momentum heading straight for the Equinox Gateway! We are riding on the wave of the last gateway, January 24 & 25, when the floodgates of the Equinox through Blood Moon passages (March/April and September) opened in earnest, fully releasing the accelerated energies of 2015! WOW! Woohoo and more WOW!!

We are all feeling the intensity of these energies. I opened this year with the New Year’s Day transmission of the New Human sharing that something very different and big is about to manifest for the Ascending Collective. This knowingness may present as sensations of anxiety, an urgency, a deep intuition or just the general feeling of needing to do something, anything, EVERYTHING differently! Pay attention to that voice because it IS the shift from Carbon Based DNA to the New Crystalline DNA. Energy seeks to live differently in your physical expression – initiating the distinctive quality of this humanity’s ascension, which is – transitioning to a new dimension – taking our physical bodies with us!! Know as well, that the closer you get to the finish line of your awakening – the more distractions may appear. STAY FOCUSED ON YOUR PATH. Be the arrow that has already been released from the stationary conditioning of the old consciousness grooves and has but one objective and target: Oneness with the Light, a New Relationship with Power, a deeper level of Service to Earth and Humanity and New Roles of purpose based in Creativity and Heart Consciousness.

Owning your Divine Nature means 1st – recognizing your Self as a bright light shining into any and all density, entanglements, old contracts and circumstances that suppress your energy… and #2 the fierce commitment to completing and tidying up ANYTHING that might prevent you from living as a brand new being in a brand new circumstance. The Shining Ones remind us,
clear the way and the way will be made clear!

So, whether you increase your quiet, alone time or deepen your connection with Gaia or overhaul your diet to a vibrational attunement and/or close the door on any experience remaining that prevents a dedicated and JOYFUL focus on the Ascension process with the higher realms of  consciousness – from now until the upcoming Equinox Gateway, your being will and must be dedicated to expressing the Christ or crystalline consciousness in a very personal and unique way. Regardless, your intention is an ungovernable alignment with the 5th Dimensional State of Unity Consciousness, allowing the attunement to Divine Love, Harmony, Peace and JOY to sing you home to a New HUman identity, remembrance and service for the greater good of this beloved humanity.

The Light of this New Feminine is beckoning us into very unchartered territory and it calls for a greater faith in the cosmic forces at play and your capacity to embody this new experience of Christ Consciousness. Expect and even WELCOME the experiences of Oneness within the self to be overwhelming at times this year. There are some very simple yet powerful suggestions in the current New Human transmission (2/8) on mastering the pivot from old paradigm/Carbon DNA to New Paradigm/Crystalline DNA and NOW Consciousness. The Shining Ones and your Divine Teams will assist with adjustments, however, it is increasingly important for you to hold the space, move with intention and become a living anchor for this New Light in the everyday mechanics of your reality and life.

Life in these new frequencies consists now of moment to moment training – the center of which is your intention and commitment to live consciously. BE STILL AND KNOW is your mantra and response to any resistances or difficulties that arise. We must recognize that we are in transit from the old brain, masculine energy, carbon DNA to the new brain, feminine energy and Crystalline DNA … and that CONSCIOUS YOU, in the moment, is the reset. Pause, breathe, come to center (practice here one of the tools we looked at for being in NOW CONSCIOUSNESS on the 2/8 webcast) and then MOVE ON. Play with this and find JOY in your new found remembrance that it is YOU who is empowered and in charge to create a new center for your world and experience. No matter HOW DENSE, old or immoveable the outer may appear, do not reject or judge a situation – TURN YOUR LIGHT ON and dare to show the way to a new choice, a new possibility and authoritative reflection of Divine love, Creative Intelligence and New HUman sensibilities.

This is an incredibly beautiful, vast and unlimited phase of humanity mastering the ability to walk between worlds. Greater still is the awareness that we have done this whole process many times – the big difference being that as we now do so consciously, we may better remember to do so with JOY! NOTHING amplifies the presence of light phenomenon, flashes, beams and orbs, dimensional bleedthroughs and highest good alignment than the presence of JOY!

This is a year of mastery – the more focused and present your perception, the more devoted your intention toward the highest good of all – the more opportunity you will have to demonstrate to humanity what is possible! May we all embrace how long we have waited for these times and the blessing of remembering we chose it KNOWING we would become the leaders, teachers, healers and guides of a New HUman dispensation, consciousness and energy – to anchor in as a New Earth Star in a very new position in the Cosmos!

Light of Peace, Love of Oneness,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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5 comments on “Prioritize, Align, Be Grateful
  1. Karen says:

    I feel the enormity of these words DeAnne. So powerful, so incredible, so BIG, BOLD & BEAUTIFULLY Divinely Feminine.
    This is my Truth & I surrender to the Light & Love of my Divine Eternal Self……yes, One Love/All Peace… May It Be So…..
    Sat Nam <3

    • DeAnne says:

      it brings me much JOY Karen that you could feel the feminine light and essence in this because that is all important in this now! There is very little distinction between the 5th dimension and feminine light! The feminine IS the doorway to the new reality for this humanity!♥✿☈★✿☁♡♡

  2. Tasha says:

    The words in the post are very enlightening/inspiring. Just what I needed to hear and remember. I have been feeling this too….ascending with our physical bodies and staying focused on the path as we move into our 5D nature even in the midst of distractions, as they seem to be challenging for me at times…though am working on finding new human ways to respond to the distractions, fears, frustrations….rather than allowing them to deter me….but this is still a practice…and not yet mastered 😉 sometimes I think of myself as a plant/tree/flower that needs the right soil, environment, light, nourishment, etc. to grow into my 5D crystalline self….if most of these conditions are being neglected than it will be very hard to energetically sustain myself and I have to work harder for energetic nourishment….and often feel depleted/drained/dense/frustrated… knowing this I call out to the Universe/Divine Beings for guidance so that I can be flow with ease into giving myself the care my being needs to fruition/expand in consciousness/light/love. <3

  3. DeAnne says:

    no matter what level and how many years you have been doing yoga – it is called yoga practice! I love that! 🙂 and the same is true for spiritual mastery Tasha! I mean – if we had it all figured out – we wouldn’t BE in a body! lol Becoming conscious is a daily practice – to be conscious is to be aware of ourselves and through that awareness, to bring more and greater consciousness to our thoughts, behaviors, choices, beliefs and perceptions. So, even in acknowledging distractions in your life and on your path Tasha – you are bringing consciousness to your being and life… which is what waking up and mastery is all about. We are never done. There is always more light to embody and more energy to assimilate and more love to allow into our lives and hearts and trust and becoming. What I want for people to know and experience here is that you are not alone in your reach for mastery – that when you are challenged – others are in your challenge with you and when you experience great movement and expansion that others are celebrating and benefiting from that light, as well.

    It is likewise, incredibly important to be aware how much your environment, circumstances, relationships and surroundings DO affect your vibrational momentum. What was satisfying and sustainable to you even a week ago, much less a month or year or more may no longer be vibrationally compatible to where you are today. We are changing that fast. And it is not to judge it, find fault with it or yourself or others – but to, in your analogy, see if it can be watered and nurtured – or even if it wants to be watered and nurtured 😉 and be willing to move on into new circumstances where you may continue to thrive and grow your light.

    Our true nature IS to evolve – which means a path of ongoing growth, new, learning, experience and LIFE – without attachment to any of it! Know that the Universe/Divine Beings/the shining ones/your higher team of Light and the Intelligence of the Light Itself is always with you seeing to your highest good in all things. Trust and find peace in that. You are ALWAYS doing a great job! Holding The Light High for you with love…

  4. Tasha says:

    Thank you DeAnne. <3 🙂

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