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It has been awhile since I have shared frequent adventures in magical nature. I go everyday, no matter what the weather conditions… but with a primarily brown landscape and the fact I tend to move quicker versus linger in the nature when it is cold, photos have been less frequent. But we’ve had more and more warm weather teasers as the winter closes in on Spring here in the mountains – and today I was guided to bring you along to see what we could find, discover and delight in together.

As I climbed steep inclines, forged through mountain streams and explored several valleys between mountain passes, what I felt and heard from the mystery is the constant sense that something wonderful was about to happen, yes I could feel the essence of “something” wonderful all around and within me. Hearts began to appear, at least 5 of which you will see below. Along with sunlight dancing on the streambeds and the constant green of the evergreens and rhododendron. Finding so much gratitude at the beckoning of Spring, new life and warm temperatures all around me it was as if the nature was saying, something wonderful is about to happen!

And I followed that spiral, sacred geometry of shape and color, sound and light out of the woods and into the greater experience and energy of our profoundly shapeshifting world – feeling the relationship between the immediate promise of Spring after a long winter – and the very real expansion of Light on our planet as it defies the shadow with the promise of a very new and different existence for the Earth and human species. “Something wonderful is happening”!

And it is so important to tune into that and use it as the compass that reframes and polishes all the facets of reality that appear to be unchanged; in your personal world and in the greater experiences of an evolving species and planet. “Something wonderful is happening”… if you are not feeling that, along with the elevation it creates in your vibrational body and consciousness – it is for you to look at what in your experience is telling you the story is complete, yet you continue to hang on to it, even using it as an excuse for remaining stuck and/or uninspired.

Start now to both remind yourself and affirm that the Light is advancing and old structures are dismantling (both within you and in the outer reality) and that indeed, something wonderful is afoot. And watch how this new habit begins to change the way your body and mind, your perception and beliefs are affected in very positive ways. While the calendar says that “winter” is still very much the current state of reality – all around is evidence of a whole other, new, fresh and promising possibility. Celebrate and find JOY in that promise! ♥

The Shining Ones Forest 2/11/15 Tap on any thumbnail to enlarge!

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