Accept, Allow, Breathe~

When we come to recognize and accept the perfection of each moment, the energy of resistance and challenge begins to shift to effortless change for the highest good of all. The greatest task and the greatest power of our awakening are one in the same: fall in love with the choices you have made. Meditate on these words and find a place for them in your heart and you will know peace… and you will live well in that inner peace.

The energies are beautifully intense NOW as we deepen in the multidimensional merge. Bow in gratitude to the service and role the egoic self (inner child) has played in our process – then get out of the way and allow the integration of your current consciousness with your teams of Light and higher levels of wisdom and love. Incredibly intense energies are penetrating the grid system at this time on your behalf – that the Light may grow fuller through you. Trust and allow It to do Its work – it is all perfect, it is all LOVE; allow, give thanks, prepare and breathe.


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