Learning To Be HUman

image 2I AM sure many of you can identify with this feeling, especially in this incredibly full, expansive and beautiful NOW. While much of the reality we know and perceive seems to be spiraling into irrevocable disrepair, there is a grand, ascending, golden light spiral, a reverse spin simultaneously underway that is allowing for tremendous though intense alignments with the Higher Self, with higher awareness and connection with beings of light from a wide spectrum of star races. Many of you have felt and seen the experience of these spirals with me on the New HUman Transmissions and have likewise, tapped into them in the shifting landscape of your daily experience.

The Shining Ones have come so much closer in and are disseminating profound and new information regarding our star origins and divine blueprints of intention and higher purpose. As I continue to anchor and feel the center of this new wave of lightcode data, I AM quite sure it will be the topic of the next New Human Transmission (which I have not received the date for just yet), or perhaps on the next YouAwakening telesiminar, which will be on March 3rd. You know that I always share what there is to be shared as soon as it comes in – just stay tuned here and you will not miss anything, I promise. It is so very important to have ample time inbetween downloads to get use to, integrate and begin to embody as CHANGE this new information and Light. But one thing I did want to express to you related to the above meme and the new level of alignment we are all feeling in varying degrees, is that no matter where your star essence is co-existing or what level of alien DNA you embody – we are here to transform the HUman experience; not escape from it!

So, the New Human Consciousness and Energy, the heart of this New Paradigm is about learning/remembering how to radiate divinity through the expression of HUman. For so long, many of us have felt a strong sense of separation from Source, from the world around us and even our Higher Self aspect. And this leads to a lot of suffering, mostly through misunderstanding. What I AM discovering and being filled up with in such an immeasurable manner is that we are here to create a unique experience, with the potential to reunify with Father Mother God, the Light and Joy of Existence itself in ways previously unknown… all while utterly and completely BEing Human! I am grateful to share with you a new meditation from the Shining Ones on the next transmission to help pivot the construct of misunderstanding to a New HUman awareness of humility and crystalline DNA.:-)

This New HUman template, a prototype of sorts carries the possibility of experiencing HUman DNA in ways that will engender a new level of power greater than our starseed DNA. This is incredibly exciting – we have come to the threshold, a new horizon really, of our own highest reach and potential with the goal of eventually holding more Source light than our star expressions. Close your eyes and find stillness with that awareness. Feel it in your heart – feel the activity of it in your cells and feel, as well, the nearness of this something wholly wonderful returning to your essence that makes the density and foreign essence of the earth plane transmute into a new transparency of potential; a new age of Light for the HUman species.

This is where the Shining Ones really begin to come into our hearts, our cellular memory and higher minds as we remember how incredibly blessed we are to be HUman at this time. We are the keepers of the Light, we are remembering our hybrid DNA and in so doing, the deeper intention we all carry to enrich this evolution of Earth and species by activating our hearts, our love for humanity and this beautiful blue planet. This is a deeply planted seed of remembrance in the New HUman DNA. As we make our way back up the ascending spiral of Light, there is an increasingly overwhelming JOY of knowing this is our time – that the energy of separation is of no consequence to our greater works of Light and remembrance – and that all we need know for sure is we are here to LOVE, to be Divine Love and keep developing our capacities to love and show kindness and be JOY in every moment of every day of our shapeshifting capacities to be beacons of Light.

Mark your calendars NOW beloveds for March 3rd on YouAwakening for discussion, Q&A and more around Living In 5D, Anchoring a New Consciousness and many surprise illuminations from the Shining Ones. This event is free of charge and if you miss the live show – you may listen to the archive at any time!

And stay tuned here for the next New HUman webcast – always in alignment with the current light waves and our uniquely human Ascension Process.

With the Light of Oneness and Love of Creation to my HUman family of Light,

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  1. Karen says:

    Yes, I AM! blessed BE ((((((((+))))))))

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