A New Earth Harmonic

“Something amazing is waiting to be found, within your re-membrance of Love. This new Light seeks a voice in you and expression through you. There is not a right or wrong way to evolve, but there is a choice of how the New Earth comes to pass for you. Your belief in sacrifice and unworthiness is second only to fear of the unknown. Stay out of your minds beloveds, there is nothing you do not know. You are genetically linked to the greatest intelligences and wisdom of the Universe and there can be no comparison of the magnitude with which you are loved. Though much is dependent on the sentient beings of the little blue planet and your history runs deep in your data banks… a new crystalline structure is activating within your cellular bodies that will continue to nurture you toward conditions that reflect your Light versus those that seem determined to defeat you. Remember in each moment that the New Earth is a co-creative environment that vibrates with your Divine nature. Dare to live that divine nature and you will receive all the Guidance and support necessary to transition to a new life. Know there is a general rising up of the Collective, which serves to balance every initiative you make toward designing new structures around being versus doing. You must create space each day to commune with the Mystery, to disengage mind and open your heart to what you love.”

Excerpt from: A New Earth Harmonic
The Shining Ones Ambassadors Of A New Age Of Light

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