Sorting, Shifting, Stepping Into New


In the midst of ice storms and record setting temperatures in my beloved blue mountains, there has been another incredibly profound shift in the energies this last week. At once I have no words for this NOW, it is just so vast and present and beautiful with light, invitation and love. And yet, it beckons us all into deeper alignment with our multidimensional selves, into deeper expression and voice as our missions grow more precise during this great merge of dimensions and unification of body, mind, spirit. The New Consciousness of the New HUman is stepping in in ways great and small, often unexpected and more often unrecognizable… yet here NOW in support of dissolving the densest of Collective beliefs. Breaking up belief systems and old patterns – even in spiritual thought and wayshowing thus far is on the agenda right now.

All of my interactions with beings from around the globe and all walks of life, seeking the wisdom of the Shining Ones this past week, have had at their heart the very new roles and directions of our unique paths at this time. Our missions are shifting – we are stepping away from classic ways of teaching, guiding, assisting and wayshowing. Remember, LOVE is a Light technology, a Source-level intelligence which can and must be experienced in HUman form in profound ways. And what that means for the finite self, conscious thinking you is that we must lift above the old paradigm response to whatever presents itself, whatever we are experiencing in these incredibly accelerated and well lit, dramatically forthcoming Shift passages underway. Misinterpretations of what is and is not happening tend to run wild as the veils thin and magnetics allow for a great scramble during the collapse of astral planes. It is essential that we learn and get on with our expansion and service at this time. There is not one thing happening without the intention of love and the greater good. As your consciousness pivots in understanding, you will experience an increasing, light-based reality.

As we near this Solar Eclipse Equinox Gateway and the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse – ALL of our hearts, mind, attention and LOVE must be focused on merging with higher levels of Consciousness. No exceptions, no excuses, no judgements, only  Love. Anything that is perceived as less than love and the return of Christ Consciousness at this time must be acknowledged as attachment to duality and a choice to remain in separation.

It is incredibly moving how the Equinox passage is unfolding. I’ve been hanging out with a beautiful harmonic and song this last week that will be the center of the next New HUman meditation in the coming webcast. It vibrates humility. More and more I AM understanding humility as the reconciliation of all misunderstanding. I will share light and frequency around this and the truer meaning of the return of the Christ for this humanity on the next New HUman transmission. But for now – in this moment – beginning today 2/22-25 – know that stronger waves are present for the purpose of strengthening this merge of lower and higher Self, of your divine light team and higher dimensional consciousness with many levels and dimensions of you! This is the remembrance and power of the New HUman at this time. Divine Will, Christ Love, no longer bound by the restraints of lower aspects or old agreements opens consistently to higher possibilities for personal freedom and the greater freedom of the human family. And you need not “understand” the higher technologies of this light to feel and experience and allow this light to be the new co-creator of your path. All that is asked of us is surrender on a new level and the willingness to dismiss anything that presents to interfere with the greater reunion, unity and Love that is here now. Nothing is good or bad or less than – all is present to compliment the highest possible scenario which will have the greatest effect on the Collective Ascension.

February 22-25: stronger waves to pull us into the purest alignment with the Equinox Eclipse passage.

Great Cosmic Trigger: Solar Eclipse/Equinox on March 20th – Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse April 4th

New HUman/Divine Merge supports via sound, light-codes, metaphor, consciousness, energy and Shining Ones wisdom on each New HUman transmission… and on 3/3  – the next YouAwakening Tele-seminar.

Cosmic Factors, including strong photonic plasma, are currently sending many initiates into higher experiences of the merge, greater clarity of New Earth roles and grater desire to be in Unity with our light tribes as we embark on new co-creations of sustainable futures. Remain in your hearts, see it ALL as Love, allow that Love to be your guide in ALL things and be grateful in the opportunities of NEW all around you.

I AM committed to both holding the space for and riding these waves with you – teaching the Now Consciousness in each new moment of impact, transformation and lift to New Light journeys of the heart.

Infinite Blessings of Love, Light and Peace to the HUman Family,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones ♥

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3 comments on “Sorting, Shifting, Stepping Into New
  1. Karen says:

    Infinite Love & Gratitude……..I AM committed, I AM surrendering, I AM Loving Awareness ((((((((+)))))))) I AM becoming a New HUman……blessed BE

  2. fitzcan says:

    Oh my gosh! I get SO excited when I read this! I FEEL it right with you DeAnne and am so grateful to have these wonderful blog entries to affirm what I am sensing in my NOW.

    LOVE!! ♥

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude Jean, I always appreciate and encourage feedback and interaction – ALL of us joining in the energies of community and co-creation! What I share here – I share on behalf of the all of you and the energies you bring with the intention of a new human – new earth experience! Together – we are ONE! xo

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