6368877Good Morning New HUman Tribe of Light,

How’s everyone doing? As anticipated, strong surges of light-waves are present and definitely affecting life as we know it to a profound degree. As shared in yesterday’s New Day blog – the energies continue to do a great job of sorting out levels of consciousness. As you are able to quiet the mind and remain still in your observation of everything around you, you will be able to see and more importantly feel a truly amazing light show of sacred geometry. Your Mastery work NOW is to be a witness to the greater story of a New Humanity emerging, one in which you stand in the the center of old breaking down – while the new simultaneously floods into the space created by the dismantling. These dynamics are one in the same. Can you remain still and in gratitude and in your heart when emotions get tapped and things don’t go as you expect? Can you stay out of judgement and roll with the new – even if, for example, the new is the sudden passing of a loved one, a jolting fall on the ice, weather phenomenon that halts reality as you know it and/or the bottom dropping out of relationships? One thing you can absolutely depend upon as you come to the door of enlightenment… EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! And then witness what aspect of multidimensional you responds to the chaos and undoing.

Enlightenment is the crumbling away of all untruth…

It is not about understanding or trying to fix or settling for the chaos of what the egoic self perceives. It is an unwavering trust in your experience and the reality around you as the combustion of higher frequency seeking new expression within unenlightened planes of consciousness and energy. We have reached a milestone in the change of physics on planet earth and we need to adapt and learn to work in harmony – christ love – genuineness, so that we may come into alignment with this New Light and harmony within ourselves. Bring a still mind and gratitude to the fact your assemblage point is being reset – carbon based DNA to Crystalline DNA, old agreements to new, shadow to Light and fear to LOVE. As we are truly conscious in the awareness of who we are, we only desire transparency and balance and co creative relationships. This is the opportunity we have at this time.

New HUman mantra for this current acceleration:

Let me see the Love I AM and be the Love I seek and trust the Light within as the only constant in the reality around me.

Cosmic Hugs and Divine Love to ALL,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones



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3 comments on “Enlightenment
  1. Karen says:

    Beautiful Truth…..I will honour this mantra daily……thank you <3

  2. Stephanie says:

    How synchronistic that I’d read your new day blog on Feb 22…. the mention of Feb 22-25 being a time of stronger waves was all I needed the following day, when I was with friends and hiking, doing what I love,,,yet feeling so off and feeling “not myself”, heavy legs that felt like concrete….and feeling really unsettled and cranky…yet for the most part, I could be the curious witness of that and even share with my fellow hikers what I was noticing..and learning there was a theme of heaviness for all of us that day, in varying degrees….and the highlight of the day being an hour lying on the moss covered boulders, in full sun and warm enough to partially layer off sweaters and jackets and feel the moss directly under bare feet.

    • DeAnne says:

      Beautiful sharing Stephanie and much appreciated because you are ONE of the many and it further joins us together to acknowledge the golden threads of our experiences that bind us both to each other and to the LIGHT! As I have shared recently on the New Human transmissions – what we are experiencing NOW as density is not what is wrong with us but what is coming up to be released and transmuted into light. Knowing that what we acknowledge as such and remain unattached to – we are transmuting for the Collective as well! THAT is quite a gift and a blessing! Love you~

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