image(1) 3I AM feeling a deep sense of gratitude for this NOW, so profound and with such love it is. If you missed the New Human Webcast on 3/1 and/or the YouAwakening teleseminar on 3/3  – know that both transmissions offer an incredible range of light frequency and remembrance for the Ascension process and the emergence of the Divine New HUman.

The levels of the unknown in 2015 are quite unpredictable – and the potential for individual and collective alike is to FEEL the unknown in a very different/new/deeper way. At the heart of these new energies and of the New Human teachings is a level of devotion we can only come to through love, through Unity and appreciation of what is. This is a time of deepening your own relationship to devotion as a new energy through you, the activation of a new light within you.

I invite you to experience the transformational energies of the Shining Ones and New HUman for the first time or the 100th time in the above events… either way, you will find a familiar light and remembrance of the devotion of your Soul.

The Evolution Of Christ Light, the 3/1 New Human Transmission

The New HUman and The Shining Ones on YouAwakening 3/3 replay

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3 comments on “Devotion
  1. fitzcan says:

    DeAnne –

    I have been tuning into this phrase over the last few weeks. During my first experience of the meditation from your 2-8-15 show I paused to write this phrase in my journal because it felt so resonant. That meditation has continued to be part of my mornings for the last week. I love enveloping myself in the spiral and then letting it pixalate into gold light around me…….ahhhhhhh.

    Gratitude and love!! Jean

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude Jean, I truly feel that when we get in touch with our innate sense of devotion to existence, this time, this love, this light and our unique role within it ALL – EVERYTHING changes, life expands and true reality becomes us! I APPRECIATE YOU, the space you hold here and the light you reflect for me, always! ♥♥♥

  2. Karen says:

    During last night & early morning I have finally been able to listen to the teleseminar x 3 times – subconsciously & consciously! (before this, I just could not connect). In both broadcasts I have been illuminated & inundated with such brilliant light in my ajna centre & higher vibrational energy throughout my body – sooooooo much Loving Power spiralling IN. Thank you De Anne & the Shining Ones, I affirm I AM open to REceive & REgenerate. In infinite love & gratitude under this beautiful full moon rising that I was blessed to witness yesterday evening during my travels.
    <3 ~~~*+*

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