Guided by Light, moved by Devotion, Calmed by Trust, sustained by Love…

Dear Beloved Family of Light and New HUman Tribe of Ascending Earth,

The energies present are incredibly profound in this NOW. I actually went and bought fresh flowers for the multitude of Beings I feel in my home and all around me, communicating so lucidly and here to guide us across the vibrational threshold of a truer existence. One of many things impressing my heart and being so much in this NOW moment is how the Light realms are communicating from so many various modalities – you can feel the strong wanting from non-physical that we (humanity) don’t miss ANYTHING about this cascade of sacred geometry joining the fields of separation and dense planes with Unity and higher vibratory potential for us all!!

As it is with the following example… A favorite yoga teacher, Joe, with a LOT of passion about life and people and being our best Self… shared this story of Emily Jackson with the class yesterday. Again, the love and invitation of the synchronistic world brought this AMAZING message from a beautiful New Human, Emily Jackson in, to further communicate the predominant energies and theme of the coming Equinox. Alignment and power, an uncompromising dedication to the greater spirit of life AND HUman… I just feel so much JOY and so grateful at the level of multidimensional, multifaceted, interplane presence – the Unity pulling us into higher expressions of WHO WE ARE and the invitation to LIVE our best life.

In watching this incredible being, so young in years and ancient in wisdom, I ENCOURAGE YOU to step into her field of remembrance and love – for she is each and everyone of us, modeling the NEW image of a humanity that has remembered its true power and purpose: that we are not now nor have we ever been enslaved to a conformed existence, that we are and have always been free and wildly passionate and endowed with unlimited strength, power and Light.

What Is Most Important To You… find the courage to live the life you love. Breathe in this remembrance – call upon your greater family of Light and surround your Self with the circumstances and people you need to vibrate WITH the full gift and transformation of this Equinox moment!

Whatever you want, whatever you dream of and yearn for and KNOW within your being – for your personal life and the greater existence of humanity – follow this new HUman’s lead and THROW IT DOWN!! 😉

“There is zero competition in being yourself.”

Emily Jackson – A 2-time World Champion Freestyle Kayaker is a mother, wife and team manager for Jackson Kayak who shares her secrets to becoming a champion and developing an Uncompromising voice in the world. She gave birth to her son 3 weeks! after claiming her world champion title!! WOW~ Go God!!

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