Be Free!

This is the perfect song for this NOW, this week and the amazing opening to the life your were meant to live! I feel both excited, psyched and grateful for this merge and the myriad layers and expression of Self it has been gifting us in these days leading to the Equinox Gate!

I AM sure most everyone knows this song – but it came to me randomly last night and it felt like the Cosmic Energies and Gaia were singing me home… singing my truest essence and being and light right up and into the Equinox on Friday – reminding me I can be ANYTHING I want to be on the other side. ALL power is ours, ALL support and abundance and truth is ours, ALL LOVE is ours. Sing out humanity, choose to be free NOW!

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2 comments on “Be Free!
  1. Karen says:

    Sing to him a new song…Psalm 33.3
    I AM free to Surrender to Divine Love……infinite gratitude for Thy Grace & Mercy ((((((((+))))))))
    Struggling physically, but going within deeper to connect & align
    Great song xxx

    • DeAnne says:

      Great song indeed Karen – and so perfectly dropped into this now like a tone of remembrance, invitation and love! Shining Light for that which is repatterning in you to a greater love. All is well! xo

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