A Hidden Wholeness

“Everyone and everything has in it a dream of itself, a hidden wholeness. According to many of the world’s wisdom, it is possible to collaborate with that dream, to strengthen it and make it real. This requires developing the eyes to see it and the ears to hear it and the intention to serve it.” – Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D

Gratitude to all who joined in the intention and heart center of the Equinox New HUman Transmission yesterday. It was such a powerful day to gather and join together and practice mindfulness as we remember how to love beyond limitations. The energies were and still are quite intense, divine waves of a very new light rewriting the story of humanity from the inside out. Be gentle, kind and supportive of your needs at this time, whatever they may be.

I practiced yoga with Corey Brown yesterday – she is an amazingly heart-centered and beautiful light. She read something mesmerizing to us while we were in our final resting pose – and where I don’t remember the whole piece, what I do remember is surely a sentiment of deeper life all can relate to;

“No matter where you are, no matter what you do, no matter how lonely you feel~the World is reaching out to you and asking only for your imagination.”

And so we venture forth, into very new spaces of a very new light with a radiance that beckons our participation in a spirit-filled life. We are dreaming the dream of who we truly are awake… too big to remain unrealized and too important to keep for ourselves alone. Empower those dreams with your love and dare to share them in such a way the whole of your human family benefits. When dreams are met with imagination- magic happens and lives are transformed!

Love Is, Embrace it with all you are~

**** It’s not too late to receive a bounty of energy and love from the Equinox/Eclipse/Spring transmission of the New Human Webcast!!
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