Together, As One



…and together is the only way forward.

All this power and force, tension and rumbling of old foundations is for the one purpose of Unity … one world of perception and understanding dismantling so that another world, a new world based in conscious choice, action and LOVE may be born. Without and within.

As the Equinox/Eclipse/Super moon energies continue to clear the way for new levels of existence, it is vital to stay peaceful, relaxed, and aligned with your Higher Levels as this New Light does its work throughout the next few weeks.

Remember that alignment is a primary theme of 2015. Be honest in seeing every facet of your life through the prism of alignment –  willing to correct imbalances where alignment is not present. Alignment precedes Unity. The energies coming to the planet at this time are of a much higher frequency than we’ve known or been blessed to create with. Embrace this time with intention and fortitude that you may achieve the alignment of your highest good… for the highest good of all.

One Love, All One~

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