Big News for The New Human

Selah Family of a New Earth Light!

Wow for the wonder of it all! The only thing we know for sure about the first three months of 2014 is how incredibly vast, unstable and vibrationally demanding the energies have been, all for the sake of NEW LIFE!! It is so very important to stay true to what you know is true! We have invited the Light into our lives and the more we trust that Light and surrender to it, the more transparency there will be on experiences, relationships, old thought processes and the tendency of the mind to deal with uncomfortable things, unconsciously. And yet, in our return to the Light, nothing can remain unconscious.In bringing the full love and mastery of who we are to the earth plane, we agree to bring everything and all aspects of our Self and life into the Light of a New Sun. Learning to be conscious and remain conscious is tedious and unending to the egoic consciousness, the old brain and conditioned mind. But what I am consistently reminded of by the Shining Ones and higher realms of Light is not only did we come to this NOW with the same eager enthusiasm as a child running into Christmas morning, we did so knowing we had the wisdom and mastery to accomplish what we set out upon! All must be returned to Light. This is the intent we carry deep in the light-codex of our being. The more we stay true to that inner compass, the more skilled and relaxed we become in holding a center of JOY, of Self, of Light and Love in the process.

We are preparing for a very new experience of LIFE, one of harmony, balance, peace within and without and Union with all things. For the last 5 years, it has been my great joy and honor to share the intention and teachings of a new consciousness, a new energy and what is ultimately a New Paradigm for humanity and earth. I have done so through the writings of higher mind wisdom, imagery, books, sound and radio transmissions. And now, in alignment with this NOW in all of Eternity, I am extending an invitation to an entirely new and expanded platform of information and experiences via DeAnne Live. With tremendous vision, support and selfless dedication from both physical and non-physical presence, the intention we are extending here to individual and Collective alike is a new energy dynamic that vibrationally communicates and demonstrates and shares the very new vibrations of 5th World. It is a challenge to bridge technology with ANYTHING higher realms – but the goal is to make as much of the natural world and new earth frequencies possible, along with the vibrational spectrum of the Shining Ones, available to the many. This is a new seed being planted in the way we interact with the Spiritual World, in the way we understand and interact with one another as spiritual beings and in our relationship with the energies that are here to assist us in forward movement for our species. The more of you who feel and trust in and invest an equal portion of who you are to what is shared here, the more powerfully this intention will grow and reach the many who are awakening now and ready for new sustenance.

In keeping with modeling an expanding awareness and Truth about the Light now manifesting on our planet – DeAnne Live will require a membership investment (beginning April 1, ) with an ongoing opportunity for you to tune in and feel the balance of the energy you are both giving and receiving. It is, additionally, a chance for you to deepen your understanding around the construct of money on our planet. Money is a medium of exchange and in essence, just another form of energy. There are certain belief structures in the old paradigm that see money as an evil and not spiritual in nature. When in truth, money is defined by how and whom is using it. If we are to create the vibrational bridges out of a materially based reality to one, once again, founded in love and cooperation, compassion and equality, we must use the mediums currently in place in the old system to support and build new foundations based in the wisdom and principles of Light. It is deepening understandings and higher realms reflections such as this that will be both modeled ongoing within this teaching platform, as well as discussed frequently in the forthcoming, 5D Forum on DeAnne Live. The New Paradigm is based in integrity and that integrity is about the way we live our lives. In addition to daily attunements, a greater understanding of energy and connection with the natural world, we trust you will find answers to lingering questions about how to live and find meaningful purpose in 5th World here. Everything in this moment is brand new, as are you. You are welcomed here as you are, even as there is space for you here to expand into and know the greater Truth of who you are.

With The Love of Oneness and Light of Eternity,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones


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