Everywhere, New Life!


If you have been following the New Day blog over the past several days, you have been moving within the spiral of awareness, understanding, consciousness and energy set in motion by the Equinox and Eclipse triggers. SO MUCH transparency and clarity for our individual and collective lives is at play and in motion.

Everything is a frequency within you – you carry the map of the Universe in your cells.

Come join in the next transmission of this New Human Consciousness and remembrance, for tangible understandings of how this new light is manifesting in our lives and setting a higher harmonic for the everyday experience of being HUman in these times.

New Live Webcast – The New Human: The Experience of Higher Levels of Light. Featuring a brand new meditation from the Shining Ones : Activating Christ Technologies

Sunday 4/12 @ 11:11am eastern – Archive immediately available.  https://deannehampton.com/webcast-page/

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2 comments on “Everywhere, New Life!
  1. Jean Canale says:

    Tuned into the 3/31 You Awakening show twice…once live and once on replay. It was so nicely paced and felt full of reassurance possibility. I’ve been using the equinox meditation every morning and enjoy the HU toning into the chakras. Will be with you on Sunday to feel and experience what comes next! ♥


    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude for always being there Jean, I can feel this and appreciate those who are providing such loving and generous support as this work of the New Human continues to evolve and grow. I AM happy the support tools are being used and appreciated and benefitting the many- that is what they are for!! Big Love and Cosmic hug – DeAnne

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