Choose the Dream Your Wish To Dwell In

The New Human is the mastery of energy. The ancient teachings and future worlds are merging through this timely and new consciousness of understanding. The process of creationary beings is the simple understanding that we are frequency and light interacting with vibrational reality. 3D is held together by a focus of thought and energy, belief, perception and fear. 5th World, which already exists in a hologram of infinite experience, is a frequency of existence, as well. It too, is consciousness. And the simple yet profound objective is to practice and live and be the frequency, the vibrational choice of the dream you wish to dwell in. You don’t need to understand quantum physics and scalar waves and the mechanics of the speed of light to gather wisdom from the stars. You need only choose and orient your reality around love, joy, compassion, peace, abundance, doing what inspires you and gives you the freedom to create. Your creative nature is a key element of the new roles each will be playing in these very new energies. Surrender what you think you know and give yourself permission to not know, yet love more deeply and create from the well of love.

Excerpt from: The Shining Ones, Ambassadors Of A New Age Of Light


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2 comments on “Choose the Dream Your Wish To Dwell In
  1. Karen says:

    Staying attuned & feeling the joy of WISDOM shining through…infinite LOVE & GRATITUDE, DeAnne & the Shining Ones…I AM ONE with this LIGHT tribe…Namaste xxx

  2. DeAnne says:

    You are DEFINITELY a radiant part of this tribe Karen – we appreciate you as well and love having your energy as part of the intention of New Earth/New Humanity we are all working together toward. xoxoxo

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