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The predominant message coming through in this year of alignment is that energy wants to live in us differently. Hence, we must each bring a new level of awareness, participation and devotion to how we interact with one another and the world around us. The leading awareness as we move into a very new paradigm of existence for our world, is that everything is consciousness and everything is energy! This in turn, resets your reality to a different flow of energy. This practice and relationship with energy is not something we do some of the time – but a shift in lifestyle that provides a new sense of balance and harmony in moving ahead into new spaces, new relationships and new roles of service, authority and responsibility in our changing world.

TNH6by9This first book of the New Paradigm series, The New Human, came in response to our need and readiness to live in the world differently. The tools and practices offered in the second half of the book activate vibrational remembrances in your cellular being and align your conscious reality with these new light frequencies of vertical dispensation.

The New Human is in many ways a simple book, yet in its simplicity, it is profound. It serves as a light encoded activation of the DNA codex and divine blueprint for the awakening of individual Truth within the context of planetary responsibility. This is not a time of learning higher mind principles or mystical techniques to take us beyond our current awareness of self. This is a time of authentic awakening, of being real and of being the higher mind of our heart’s intelligence; releasing the resistances that we have accumulated in our egoic attachment to this material plane. We truly don’t need any more “instruction”, there is nothing that is lacking or incomplete in our awareness of the spiritual truths and purpose for our lives. We need only recognize and embrace fully the Love that is present with us – that IS us – and that is seeking our cooperation and partnership in the realization of a new way of being and living in the world. Planet Earth is a living, conscious being undergoing tremendous change and inviting this humanity to shift with her through conscious choice, innate wisdoms and the willing participation in a process that has been evolving organically throughout all space and time.

In so many ways, this NOW is a gift to give to ourselves – and in so doing, give our Selves fully to! Everything that you need, everything that you are – is HERE now – for you, sent by you, in remembrance of a you that exists outside time and space. This book is one way to unwrap that gift – open more fully to the Light of who you are and embrace this new level of existence that is here now, on behalf of all.

The New Human, Understanding Our Humanity, Embracing Our Divinity

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