Embrace Life, Be Here Now!

Living life as a fully conscious, evolving being is to see everything as you. Seeing is freeing. Saying YES to Life, regardless of the conditions of form, is to shift to an uncompromising surrender to what is. Nonresistance is the doorway to a new consciousness, a new Earth and the utter joy of being. There is a joy not of this dimension that is your true nature and consciousness Itself. Joy is not something that comes to you or that you can create from outside of Self. Only by relinquishing resistance and living free from the egoic mind can you live fully in the present moment.

Excerpt: The New Human,
Understanding Our Humanity, Embracing Our Divinity

“Nonresistance is the doorway to a new consciousness”

I invite you to meditate on these words and the remembrance they evoke in your cellular being. Feel the simplistic truth of allowing what is and recognizing that at its purest frequency – everything and all, is Love. The New Human is a vibrational guide to developing a tremendously vast, clear seeing, empowered and unconditional relationship with life. This is your key to unlimited possibility, potential of creation and authentic expression of your light.


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